Pink Series: Pop Beauty Coral Crush

Hi Ya’ll,
I am back on track with another Pink Series because on Wednesdays we wear pink. As you may also know, its breast cancer awareness month. My next lipstick is a lip balm from Pop Beauty pouty pop crayon line called Coral Crush. It really is not a lipstick is a color lip balm. On pop beauty website : these extra-nourishing balms gently bounce onto lips, creating a plumped & pillowy pout and leaving them with luscious, long-lasting colour in a super-smooth texture.Now, I don’t know if that means that it makes your lips bigger. My lips didn’t look like they increased in size nor did I feel a slight tingling feeling from getting a plumped pout.It could be that your lips are so moisturized that your lip plumps up. This lipbalm is not coral, it a bright neon pink. I thought it was my skintone. It is not. I also notice that the balm gets pushed around on the lips because their is a little bit of a greasy feeling but there is no shiny look to the lips more of a sheen. The lipbalm can go on quite opaque but quickly gets into the lines of my lips. You need to moisturize before putting this on.
Check out the photos below.
Catch Ya later,

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Random: Birthday Haul

Hi guys,
I love my birthday. Yes, I am happy to be alive but my happiness has nothing to do with that right now.No, it has every thing to do with this greed -filled machine pushing consumerism on all of us making the holidays appear more rapid then they need to be. When October 1st hits,all the sales for Christmas and goodbye sales start to pop up. So, I get to buy all the holiday gift sets for my self. Instead of buying 1 product I can see a whole product line and decide whether or not I like it for a lot less money. What a joy! This time I didn’t not go crazy but its only because I know I have enough war paint to canvas an entire nation .No more war paint ! Yes, to more facials. This is just the beginning.
So with that said this is what I bought:
1.Ole Henrikson Unwrap Your Radiance Collection 48.00
2. Caudelie Grape Water 10.00
3. I also cashed in my 500 point perk for Caudlie Instant Hydration Facial Set (free)
4.MAC Matte Collection : Living Legends, Styled in Sepia, Sin.
5. BBW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 5.00 (I had a coupon)
See, I didn’t spend a bunch of my birthday money. Check the photos, below.
Catch ya later,

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Project Travel: Punta Cana

Hi Ya’ll,
I am finally able fix my camera /computer connection. If you have a Cannon and it says communication error, you may have too many pictures. I deleted about 150 pictures and viola ! it worked.
I just want to make a note that this is not a bragging post. I like sharing things with all my readers . I personally like hearing stories about people’s travel experiences .
Ok, so , I went to an all inclusive hotel in the Dominican Republic called the Excellence Punta Cana. Very Beautiful inside and out. The staff and crews were very nice. You couldn’t walk anywhere without someone greeting you and the entertainment team was always energetic . The drinks were nice and strong but if you go to countries like these where its 92 degrees all day every day , please take it slow. The food was ok and there were like a lot of hits and misses but once you found the things you liked , the food was not a problem. There were 7 or 8 ( I was not really counting ) food places to eat at and one which was called Spice turned me way off, I never ate there again.
The beach was great, very picturesque and the swimming pool was very clean. I even liked the huts that dotted the outline of the pool and the sand.
The only downside was the room was very humid, my passport was misshapened abd my clothes when coming back home had a funny smell.In the rooms they provided incense, because of the smell that comes from the air conditioning. When I had the fan on the smell dissipated.
During my vacation , I had Spanish lessons , salsa lessons, games, a massage. I even won Rum.

I just want to let you know that if you do decide to go to Punta Cana be very aware that this is honeymoon central. Everyone is either just married, married on the beach or celebrating being married. I was there for my birthday and saw a few families there for vacation.
Would I go back? Yes!
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: Ipsy October 2014

Hi Yall,
I received my Ipsy bag for you all to see and love with with me . In the green pouch I received these items:
1. Epice` International Purifying Exfoliant. This product cost 32.00. On the website states the benefits: Micro-fine polyspheres gently exfoliate removing excess dead cells and environmental debris.Exfoliation helps open pores, which increases excretion of toxins.Packed with emollients, humectants and barrier protectors to hydrate dry, irritated skin.Smoothes skin as it cleans.
2. Figs and Rouge Hand Cream . This product cost 10 bucks. I received the Rose Berry scent. This hand cream is suppose to soften, pamper and nourish you hands. They are sold through two websites: figs&rouge and .The sites have different scents available.
3. Model&Co Volumeyes Extreme Black Mascara . This mascara cost 20 dollars. The website states:the intensely black, volumising mascara separates, coats and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection. One coat and lashes are defined. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled and dramatic.And why you need it: transforms lashes to lush, long and lustrous.Triple groove wand combs through for clump-free volume.Buildable formula takes lashes to extreme results.Separates, coats and curls each individual lash.
4. Nicole Opi Nail Lacquer. I received feeling very cherry. The nail polish 7.00. I love that the shade looks really shiny ,opaque and I cant wait to get a pedicure with this color.
5. Starlooks lipgloss. The lip color is called Guily Pleasure. Retails for 12.00. I think I may pair this with a pink lipstick or a lip pencil. Starlooks states that its lip gloss is in a moisturizing, non-sticky formula.Designed to be worn alone or in combination with other Starlooks lip products. This lipgloss has a doe foot applicator.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout:Birchbox

Hi Yall ,
I have been on the outs for a while. I was in Panama and then I was in the Dominican Republic. I will have pictures in the next post. In this post ,its the contents of my birchbox. I am quite happy because I received a great box.
What I received:
1. BeautyBlender + deluxe solid cleaner. Full size price is 26 dollars. This beauty Blender offer a smooth , natural finish to your foundation . You would Soak sponge , squeeze out excess water and then stipple out the foundation. You can you use this also with cream products and concealer. I was most excited about this. I think every person who received this was really happy and didnt care what came next.
2. Curlisto. Deep therapy Masque . Full Size is 24 dollars. Bontanical based treatment that adds shine and body to hair and stamps out frizz. You would apply to clean wet hair and then rinse with cool water after 5-8 minutes. I love hair stuff, especially being curly haired, my hair is dry.
3. Cynthia Rowley Beauty. Eye Pencil . Full Size is 16 dollars. Its a new metallic that goes on smooth and last long. This pencil. Hmm, I don’t know what to think.
4. Dr. Lipp. Nipple Balm for your lips. Full size is 14.50. It was orginnally created for the nips but this balm is a makeup artist fave.Dab on parched lips, elbows and cuticles as need. Now that I read the card all I can think about is nipples. Nipples Nipples Nipples.When I applied it before reading the card, I thought thick and ready for the cold.
5. Harvey Prince.Petaly Noir. Fragrance. Full Size 55 dollars. A lush floral scent evokes a midnight stroll among blossoming orchids. Spritz for a burst of jasmine, orchid, lily and vanilla. When I smelled it, it smelled very deep and sultry. I may give it a try.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Random: Giveaway

Hey Beauty Lovers,

I have been accumulating a small pile of stuff: perfumes, makeup, health samples to give away. Now, if I like something I do not give away just the sake of giving away but if the color does not fit me or if I am not into then its up for fair game. I have set aside some nice things and I would like to give all of you a chance to win. So, the first person who wants this box please comment below with your email address. DO NOT make a comment because that is not what the directions above say. Comment with your email and I will gladly send you the box.
The items up for grabs in my box. Now before I get into the items I want to say I check out the FAQS section for some of the supplements and Bulu Box says that :Q. Are the samples in my Bulu Box safe to take?
A. Yes. We only work with brands and manufacturers that create products that are safe to use. However, the Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate the label claims for many samples or products. The samples are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
Here are the cool things I included in the box:
1. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths
2. Pixi Shea Butter lip Balm
3.Nu Hair Foam Rejuvenate &Style Foam
4. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and Condition sample
5.Posie Balm Hydrating Lip Balm Sample
6.Kick Butt Engery Balls 2 Sample sample packets 1 ball each
7.VitaBath Sulfate and Paraben Free Body Wash
8.Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil
9.Antica Farmacista Body Wash in Bergamot &ocean Aria
10. Pixi Tinted Lip Balm
11.Anxiety free Stress Release Formula
12.Coastal Scents Forever Blush Duo sample
13.Nanacoco Lip Balm
14. Prada Perfume Sample
15. Calvin Klein perfume Sample
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Project Travel:Panama

Hi Ya’ll ,
I started writing this while sitting in Tocumen airport waiting to go home. I spent seven days in Panama and I really miss home. I spent the time here helping my mother who is a native (feliz national Hispanic month) get things in order after my grandmother or as I called her abuelita(she played me and my sister telling her grandma sounded old and she preferred abuelita ,it was same thing) died earlier last week. I loved her very much and know she is watching over me and my sister.
Being in Panama was a bit hard since I wanted to see her alive and be around her, showing me the country. For us this time it was not a sight seeing trip and it was a lot of going back and forth with officials and other office personnel. Panama is in a state of growth and I  felt as if the needed signs that said pardon the dust we are still working. During our stay I was quite surprised that Panama had all the american foods here like papa johns,burger places and even major franchises like hooters and tgi Fridays . They even had a cinema which has  Spanish subtitles for american movies. The movies were $3.00 and $8 for extreme 3d. I know quite a price jump but still cheaper than America.
The times we were not exhausted physically and mentally and when we were out I took some pictures but my Mom was worried about thieves and my camera which every cop and ex patriot made us aware of.
The country is beautiful with its issues like any other country.
I hope to go back with my entire family.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Pink Series: OCC Trollop

Hi Y’all,
This is a post I wanted to bring to you because one, I haven’t done one in a while and two, because I am going away for a little bit. Not to jail or anything .
Occ Trollop is a lip tar by obbessive compulsive cosmetics. I became familiar with it over YouTube and purchased this one and others from IMATS in NYC years ago. Trollop is considered by OCC to be a coraled pink. The way this color can look based on your skin tone as a darker person I saw more coral but on fairer skin tones I saw the pink. This lip tar like all others is matte,very dry like a step next to Ruby woo dry if you just slap it on. I received better results in staying power and being comfortable on the lip area when I applied the OCC clear /primer on my lips. I would also say that for a color to be so soft it is quite bright.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Pink Series: Lime Crime Great Pink Planet

Hi Y’all,
My computer / camera connection is acting crazy so uploading the photos of the Punta Cana trip is becoming a problem. So, I am stuck to taking and using photos from my phone. I also thought it would be a good time to go back to the Pink series staring Limecrime great pink planet.The way I photographed this lipstick is without liner, I would definitely suggest using a lip liner for anyone deeper than NC 40 or NW 35. ( like sand or tan complexion if you don’t go by MAC shades). I would have to agree with temptalia as describing this color as a milky. Limecrime describes great pink planet as an opaque pink pastel neon shade. I would describe it as a bright milky pink. I would not use the this alone as said before without a liner but I have used it to build a ombre shade starting with purple or a very deep pink.
Only the lipstick by itself is show below.
Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: For the Love of Eyeshadow

Hi Beauty Lovers,
I love blush, lipstick and lip gloss but I love the idea of eye shadow. Eye shadow to me is very illusive. Its something that I want to wear, I like wearing, and I like seeing people apply. However, its the bane of my makeup existence because its so hard to blend, its so hard to pair shadows.Its so hard to do! Anyway, I had a plan to do 30 days of eye shadow looks. Yeah! that was not going to happen but I feel like maybe I could do some eye swatches or I may just throw caution to the wind and try multiple colors at the same time.
So check out the photos of some of the eye shadow, cream shadows , eyeliners and paint pots and so on.
Catch ya later,

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