Project Ten Pan: Samples Empties

Hi guys,
I know that in past project ten pan I have been collecting items and then letting you all know about them in a post (I haven’t been doing that for a while but that’s how project 10 pan are suppose to be). This is more of an empties post but we all know that I am on an epic never ending project ten pan. In fact, I have been disgusted with myself that I am now collecting makeup subscription samples like junk mail.
Here are a few sample empties that I have tried.Some of theses samples I can not really go into because they are a one time sample. Check them out below.
1. Hercules vitamins (bulu box). I received a 4 pill cocktail in a one time sample wrap.
The four pills I received were Vertox :powerful antioxidant,reduce inflammation,support cardiovascular health
Krill Oil: Maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support joint health and anti-inflammatory.
Multi with Energizing Ribose: increased energy, maintain good health, enhance immune response
CoQ10: Boost energy levels,significant antioxidant properties, and support hearth health.
I didn’t feel like a super hero getting his energy refilled like the power rangers or anything (which you wont after taking a vitamin after one time ). I just noticed I didn’t have any re flux after taking the vitamins. However, I am not going to purchase them because I do not take my multivitamin from GNC which is one/ two pills a day.
2. Solle Vitamin powder(bulubox). This powder dissolves in your beverage. It is green .I tried it in water but to me it smelled sweet but tasted off and the after taste was too much for me. I believe it would be better in herbal tea. You probably hide the taste better with sugar.

3. Body Drench Candylicious Lip Balm in Cotton Candy(ipsy). I love this lip balm and if I didn’t have so many more to finish I would definitely buy it. I loved the smell of cotton candy. It didn’t smell like the other artificial flavors and have this horrid after smell.

4.Burt’s bees day lotion(birchbox). This day lotion is so heavy. If you want moisture and a strong smell than you would like this. I would not repurchase this because of the smell.
wpid-20141117_144008.jpg wpid-20141117_144034.jpg
5.Gilchrist & Soames body lotion(birchbox). I was told by my coworker M that this reminded her of hotel lotion which I may have to agree. However this sample had too big of a mouth. If you are a klutz like me there was a lot of pouring a scooping. The lotion also was mid range runny. However it did banish my ashiness pretty well. I like body butters better so, I won’t be repurchasing.

6. Suki Facial Scrub (Birchbox). I had to bring this scrub back to life with a bit of water.I did get to use it and I was meh. I wasn’t thrilled if you don’t know what meh is. I won’t repurchase.
7. EBoost (BuluBox sample ). I thought this tasted like a jello without the bad aftertaste my coworker thought it taste like slim fast. However the half that she did drink she said she felt a little boost. I won’t purchase.. I don’t do those type of drinks. Good old Starbucks works well enough for me.
8. Em mascara(ipsy box full size). I love this eye mascara. It is not empty but the mascara started to flake and get into my eye. It literally messed with me wearing contacts so its no more.

9.pop beauty no 1 smokey black (ipsy). This is another one that lasted 3 months and I chucked it.
10.Ruffian non acetone nail polish towelette (Birchbox Sample). I like this nail polish remover . The smell is way more pleasant than regular acetone or even no acetone polish remover. Since, I don’t wear nail polish that much I would dish out for these wipes.
Catch Ya later,

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Project Tryout:Birchbox and Ipsy

Hi Y’all,
I’m here with Birchbox and Ipsy boxes for November 2014.I have given my sister S and my mom M the hair goodies I did not want. I gave S the Ipsy Morocco argan hair spray and M received the Birchbox Deva curls hair system.
This is what I received in my Birchbox. Their theme is Giving.
1. Deva Curl.3 step system. Full Size is 59.85. Its a non lathering shampoo, curl taming conditioner and soft gel hold. Basically wash, rinse and style. I gave this to my mom she wears her hair curly most times.
2. Gilchrist &Soames. Spa Therapy Body lotion. Full Size is $15. Antioxidant rich moisturizer that smooths and softens with botanicals like grape seed. This lotions has a scent my mom use to wear when I was younger. I adored it and so did she, we were grabbing for it.I can’t wait to use it all.
3. Not Soap, Radio. Joy Inducing Body Wash. Full Size is $16. Lemon scent cleanser will brighten your outlook while you lather. Paraben-free! You can use this with a shower puff or add it your bath.
4.Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask .Full Size is $58.Made with antioxidant rich tea, this mask firms and brightens skin in eight minutes. Hmm, have to try this one.
5. The Balm Cosmetics. Cindy Lou Manizer. Full size is $24.00. This shimmery , soft pink highlighter perks up your features with a natural looking glow. Sweep onto cheekbones or eyelids, or lightly dust onto face for a luminous look.
Bonus Item: Maple Bacon ChocoPods for a decadent , sweet and savory treat. Full size is 1 buck.

Ipsy. The theme is Girl meets Glitter
1. Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base. Full Size is $14.00. Submissive is described as a bronze with gold shimmer. Directions: apply lightly with fingertip to create a natural finish or layer for added color. You can also layer powder eyeshadow  for a more intense look.
2. Elizabeth Mott. you’re so Fine eyeliner. Full Size is 17.99. Ipsy says” This brush is so control friendly that creating precise, symmetrical lines is ridiculously easy, so it’s perfect for first time liquid eyeliner users too”. The color I received was glitterati.
3.Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray. Full Size is 8.29. Ipsy Says” This argan oil, keratin and grape seed oil infused hairspray gives you strong and flexible hold plus deep nourishment, strengthening and conditioning as you style”. I gifted this to my sister S. She does her girlfriends’ hair and her own.
4. Tarte Deluxe maracuja oil. Full size is $46.00. Ipsy states Rich in essential fatty acids known to recharge and replenish skin, maracuja oil helps deliver an overall rejuvenated and even-toned complexion while giving the appearance of brighter skin thanks to a high dose of vitamin C. This powerful anti-aging elixir provides instant hydration—quenching dry skin with no greasy or filmy feel.
5.Wet and Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain. Full Size is 2.99. Ipsy states that ” The MegaSlicks Balm Stain glides on smoothly while conditioning the lips, keeping you pucker-perfect. Enriched with Acai Palm Oil, this amazing formula forms a protective shield on the lips to prevent feathering. Continuous moisture formula leaves the lips with a unique minty, cooling sensation. No matter how long the kiss, this balm will last and last!”
Check out the photos.

Catch Ya later,

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Pink Series: Starlooks Tickle Me Pink

HI Yall,

I received this Starlooks lipliner from my June 2013  Ipsy glam bag . The color is called tickle me pink.It looks like a basic pink color. Some could even call it a Barbie Pink. The color is very opaque and comes off very pigmented. This lip pencil is not soft but very dry, you really have to use a lip conditioner for it to not bother you.
It retails for thirteen dollars on the website.
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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Random: Liebster Award

Hi Ya’ll,

I love this tag because it allows all of us to get to know each other.
The person who nominated me is : Muekalia Beauty Department click here

The rules in doing the Liebster Award is :

    1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.
    2. Answer the eleven questions set for you.
    3. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than a thousand followers.
    4. Write eleven questions for your nominees

My questions were :
Who is your favorite beauty guru? OMG I just did a post for my top 10 You Tubers , so if I was pushed I would say DestinyGodley. tried and true!
How did you know you had a passion for fashion and beauty? I think other people knew before me. I knew because I love the beauty section more than other feature in a magazine.
What is your favorite foundation? MAC Face and Body
High end or low end? In makeup high end or at least medium . Fashion- low end or mix.
What was your worst makeup mistake? I have to many to count.One of my worst was: I applied cuticle oil to my face for about a month and I couldn’t understand why my spot treatment was not working. Finally looking at it, instead of it saying Mary Kay acne spot treatment, it said Sephora cuticle oil.
would you go a month without makeup or a month without tv? TV
Who is your idol? I really don’t have one. Maybe Pat Mcgrath
How old are you? Always and forever 29
What is your dream job? a health psychologist who does studies around the world
Where were you born? DMV
lipstain or lipstick? Lipstick
Now for the people I want to nominate and my  questions for them.
1.22, Lovely and Lost Click here
2.A makeup Fiend Click here
3.Bajan Beauty Blog click here
4. Amanda Robots click here
5.BeautyBaggBlog click here
6.Teaspoon of Blush click here
7.Cheap but chic Click here
8. Beauty and the Tomboy click here
9.Brook Beauty Click Here
10.Bury me In Ruby Lipstick click here
11.Beauty412 click here

1. What is your favorite brand of false eyelashes?
2. Contour or no contour?
3. Which do you prefer: Drug store or counter makeup?
4. What is your favorite feature on your face?
5. Do you do your eyebrows or foundation first?
6. What has been your biggest issue in makeup?
7. Favorite lipstick brand and color?
8. How much money is too much to spend on a makeup item?
9. What brand would you like to try?
10. When did you start using makeup?
11. MAC or Sephora?
Check these ladies out.
Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: Workweek Lipstick Number #3

Hi Yall,

I am just loving this workweek lipstick. OMG this is a total ploy to get me out of doing eye shadow posts. LOL. I am having fun pulling colors out and trying them on for you guys. I really should be doing looks. Anyway, I am bringing you my third lipstick list for work week three.I hope you like it.

1. MAC Riveting Rose (F)with Sephora lip gloss on top
2. Smoked Purple (M)
3. MAC Captive (S)
4.MAC Heroine (M)
5.Mac oh,oh,oh (L)

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Random: Favorite Youtubers

Hi Guys,

My name is 1reddiva83 aka Ericca and I am in love with watching beauty bloggers on YouTube.

Here are my top ten favorite Youtubers for right now.
1. Shameless Maya. Such a fan. She has made so much progress in being herself and she makes great videos. She is not so much a beauty blogger but she does do some great transformation and tech videos. I love that is she is so effervescent.
2.theycallme_mo I just found out about her on YouTube; just trolling. I love finding new people to watch. She has a great complexion,very bright and she loves lipstick. She is a great base for women who are darker than NC50.
3.SimplyDeketa. Another lipstick lover. She is not like theycall_mo she is what totally different. She has a more rock star appearance in her hair and her lipstick choices. If you want to know how to keep a weave, you have to check out her videos. She is also the queen of bright crazy colors. Love her!
4.MsRoshPosh. I am someone who watches YouTube for inspiration. I want to see the magic of what a good brush, well place color and eyelashes can do for someone. However, MsRoshPosh is GORGEOUS! Like she is very pretty, with or without makeup. If you want a frog turning into a princess this is not your channel. She is very fun and her beauty doesn’t translate in snobbish behavior. She is very down to earth.
5.HeyClaire. The queen of a good edit. MY God. You have to say that like Derek J on fashion queens. Honey knows how to work a camera.Not only that, she is very punk to me and I love it. This is what I would want to look like edgewise.
6. Mel williams. I look for people who are more of my complexion. She is definitely around my coloring and I love her and looks. She can be real natural looking even when she is working several eyeshadows. She has full features.
7.DestinyGodley. I watched her when her videos were not that great but her content was always on time for darker skin beauties. Like Shameless Maya she really gives a lot of herself and shows you how to do a lot of things. She is darker than NC50 but her looks and the things she does, well, that’s universal.
8.Kokofemme. This is a swatch queen. You get a swatch ,you get a swatch. Everyone gets swatched. Since she is closer to my skin color ,I go to her for how the color will come off on me, for quick reviews and to really see whats what in the makeup world. The reason why I chose some of the LA girl concealers was because I saw her swatches. Yep.
9.CosmeticallyChallenged. I follow her on twitter and started watching her on Youtube. She is very nice and she really appealed to me because she was the first to really talk about BlackUp cosmetics.
10.Makeupgameonpoint. This girl right here. You want a themed look based on the 60s or you want someone who can give you a dupe in for your skintone. Follow this chick. Great videos and they are not hella long.
Check out these ladies. You’ll learn something.
Catch ya later,

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Pink Series: MAC Magenta

Hi Y’all,

As you all know I love blue based pink lipsticks and I can not tell you a better blue based pink lip liner than Magenta. Want an exact lip liner for Girl About Town? Magenta.It goes on matte, there is no sparkle. However, it can be very drying,its not like a satin finish. OH, Magenta,I love you.
Check out the photos below.
Catch Ya later,

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Project Tryout: What I tried out over the weekend

Hi Guys,

I am Super Pumped. Yep! I have started trying out items from my BirchBox hoarding post click here to see all the items and a few other travel size samples I have tried over the weekend:

1.DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Mininizer Moisturizing Serum. The product retails for $85.00. When using it for the first time, I felt like it went on like a gel. Very smooth. I would say it felt quite luxurious. When touching my face after applying that under moisturizer, it felt like I had some serious barriers. I would like to continue using it.

2. ElevenSeven Rescue Omega 3 Serum. Retails for 75.00. I did not like the smell so applied it on my forehead and neck only. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and since I am a worrywart, I placed in those places where wrinkles and aged skin looks on a women. I also had another sample of this so I gave it to my mom.

3.BodyShop Olive Body Scrub. $6.00 for travel size. I chose this before I knew that i did not like the smell. After several soaps to erase the hate for olive, I reached for this scrub. I like Body Shop scrubs, I find them to be high on the moisture, medium on grit and low on its intensity. This scrub is made for dry to normal skin types.

4. Bond Number 9 Scent of Peace. Retails for 95-208 bucks. The notes listed are : Grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, hedione, cedarwood, musk. Would I purchase the perfume on my own.  Um no. I found this scent to not be what I expected. When I think of peace, it smells light, airy, fresh. It didn’t smell like that on me. I felt quite potpourri-ish. Later on the scent became less nauseating.

5. Egyptian Magic Cream. Retails for 26-38 bucks. Its made with 6 ingredients: olive oil, beeswax,honey and royal jelly with bee pollen, propolis extract. I thought it was ok. Since I started using it in like yesterday I really cant tell you. I must say I didn’t use alot to get rid of the ash.

6. Dr Jart+ Pore Minimalist Mask.Retails for 7.50 per mask. I love a mask. I think they are so cool.I like peel off mask more because you peel it off when they dry. Anyway, this charcoal mask was very round in shape , very saturated with product and made my skin feel great after taken it off. I really was happy that it was on my nose and chin because thats where my pimples usually pop up. I think it caused the serums to go on better after applying the mask.

Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,



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Project Tryout: October favs

Hi Y’all,
I know the title is a little of the half. I am coming with a small favorites post just for you. I usually don’t do favorites because the few times I do wear makeup or skincare its the same thing. I hate bs of showing thirty items and be like I used this everyday. Yeah OK. So here is my
1.Tocca florence spray. I got this scent in my September 2014 Birchbox. I began using this after I wanted to start using my perfume samples. It comes second to Prada candy.

2. Caudalie lip conditioner. I like it for using it after I washing my face and believe that it going to work great for me in the wintertime.

3.Nourish organic moisturizing face cleanser.This is 100% natural and fragrance free. The cleanser is very Milky and the consistent is very goopy,however this cleanser will not dry you out under any circumstances.

4. Coppertone sunscreen lotion for sensitive skin. It has naturally sourced zinc oxide.This is a favorite of mine because I came back from my Dominican Republic trip with no sunburn. I used it every day and sometimes multiple times a day. I came back with no sunburn, no flaky skin. During the trip I didn’t have tender skin but I did have build up around my face and at times it was hard to remove with the type of water on that island.

5. Versace bright crystal. OMG awesome scent. My need for the
bright clean dolce and gabbana light blue is over. I really love this scent and will be buying the rollerball.

Those are all the products that really stood out for me in October. Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Random: I voted In the Midterm Election Race

Hi Yall,

I voted and I hope that you did as well. I know that some people feel that their votes and who they vote for are very personal like bedroom topics. So, if you feel uncomfortable talking or listening to someone gripe about the issues , please see any of my non political posts here, here or here.
I am a Democrat and I live in the DMV where my state is usually blue. I am very upset that we did not win the governor’s seat. Yes, I am one of those poor smucks who voted and lost. Waaa. However I am not upset that my party lost. I am upset that the values and inroads that I believe women need to make right now are not going to happen now that we have Republican majority run senate, congress and governorship.
I would like my words marked so that when universal pre-k gets taken away. When the vote for equal pay is thrown out or if your granny’s meds and universal healthcare is diminished and then taken away you wont be singing the blues. I have already sung them. The sad part for me is that people look at tax increases and cry but then they dont see the services helps you stop a foreclouser or social service programs when you are kicked out on the street.To me its the saddest when poor people vote for a party that are behind big banks the same big bank that scam us years ago and had senate hearings on with their golden parachutes already made with your dollars.. Now, I am not saying we don’t have trifling Democrats that are incumbent and stay that way because they dont rock the boat and they shake hands and kiss babies only around election time. Believe me those who are not fighting for your rights, making deals that help everyone get a fair shake should be booted. However, you actually voted for people who say we are going to help the economy and then say, no equal pay and no increase in minimum wage, really? . Its just like you not having reproductive services but you want to shame people for getting on welfare to assist their households. Ughh! To me the even more sad part is the young people who voted for Obama and wanted all this change will get it, it will be the one in their pockets for retirement because you will still be paying that student loan forever. The Republicans voted against that too.

Alright,I am stepping down for my soap box. Good luck.


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