Project Tryout: Another Speedy Delivery

Hi Ya’ll,
I received another package in the mail containing two Borghese Skincare items, both are under the Fango Active line. The first item was the Fango Active Radiance Facial oil and the second was Fango Active Mineral Micellar Cleansing Water. The Facial oil retails for 60 dollars and the micellar water retails for 30 dollars. From their website : The Facial oil is a blend of botanical oils that features Sweet Almond, Avocado and Grape Seed Oils to hydrate and protect.This product adsorbs lightly into the skin. The Micellar water is a mineral-rich, extremely mild solution that cleanses. No rinsing required. It is Infused with skin-soothing ingredients such as Sweet Almond, Avocado and Grapeseed Oils to calm and nourish and contains Phospholipids and Hyaluronic Acid that soothes, moisturizes and leaves skin fresh and soft, without stripping or drying.
I have tried both once and really don’t have an in depth review right now or even if I would purchase them but I can say out of the two I love the micellar water because its is sans fragrant.
So, below are the photos of the two items I received.

Catch Ya Later,

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Random: Tag Tuesday

Hi Y’all,

Styled with Joy tagged me in LOVE/ Hate tag (click here). The purpose of the post is share ten we love and ten things we hate and nominate ten bloggers. However, I want all my subscribers to comment in the comment box if they would like the things they love and hate , it does not have to be 10 , it can one of each.

1. My nephew. I love his dancing spirit. He reminds me of his mother at a young age.
2. I love the color black. I find that I look quite regal in it or atleast thats how I feel.
3. My sorority (Delta Sigma Theta) and the all the noble qualities it stands for.
4. trying out new skincare.
5. Traveling
6. Food. I think I should have made that number one or number ten because either way , its on the top my list. I love the taste of buttercream, especially traditional wedding cake.
7. Reading. I have left reading books to now magazine but I have something constantly in my face.
8.I love Ajax, my cat. although , I dont think he loves me
9.Taking photos of my travels. It allows me to share my travels. I hate photos of myself. never the right angle.
10. 50s style clothing. I find all things pin up to be very sexy.
1. I hate when Netflix does not put up new episodes right away or only allow for one season. Ughh , help continue my addiction and continue or make a new series.
2. I hate companies that believe that you need them more than you need them. Here’s looking at you Gerard Cosmetics. Calling a reviewer ugly or not informing the customers of issues .
3. Bad Customer service. Enough said.
4. I hate protein shakes. nasty.
5. Rollercoasters
6. Writers Block
7. procrastination
8. confrontation
9. Paying full price.
10. Not enough money for makeup.

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Project10Pan: BBW Empties

Hi Yall,
I have been burning my candles and given away a few as gifts for birthday here and a hostess gift there but I am using them. They are not sitting in my linen closet just making my sheets smell good.The problem with he candles is that they do not burn all the way down or the candles become impossible to light.
Frosted Gingerbread. I bought this during the BBW sale and I will say this had the worst throw. A throw is how far you can smell the candle. I had to wait hours for it to fill my room but I could never smell it throughout the apartment. This may be good for someone who has roommates and wants something subtle or if you having a party and want a low scent.
Twisted Peppermint. This was been a disappointment to me because while its strong and has a great throw, I could smell it everywhere, it stunk. I love peppermint , I love the candy.The vanilla or whatever they mixed to make it twisted well made it stink. It was not like the body wash to me but more like an oil lantern my dad used to have.
BlackBerry Vanilla Body Wash. This is a great scent. Its very spring like. I enjoyed it very much. It did not clash with my other soap, I use or with perfumes. Its a light scent but it does leave a subtle scent on the body.
Caramel Cayenne. This scent really grew on me. I really hated it in the beginning but now I really like it. I think it was twisted peppermint that made me fell in love with the scent.Also, I stop expecting it to be spicy and just grew in love with the warmth it did have.
Salted Caramel Corn. I love this scent. Love love. What Can I say? The caramel smelled delicious and the candle burned the best.I would repurchase and buy back ups.
Vanilla Bean Noel (x2) This was my original favorite scent since it first came out. I really love the scent. I would repurchase the scent.
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. Another great scent. I love the caramel and the cinnamon mix . Very strong throw. I love it.
Caribbean Escape Hand Soap. I bought this hand soap because there was a huge hand soap sale , I am talking 6 for 18 dollars and I had coupons. So, I wanted to try something different and in their more permanent line. Well, I am not a fan. I started off liking the change and then it became apparent this was not the scent for me. I dont like fake island scents.
Merry Cookie Hand Soap. Oh this scent was nice. I always fall in love with a scent when I come off of something I can not stand, its a reprieve. However, this like some of the scents above are holiday scents , so I would have to buy backups if I love them.
Thousand wishes Body Wash. This body wash starred out great in the winter time. Its a warm scent. Loved it until I did not anymore.The spring hit and I felt like the scent was too heavy and did not have the freshness that comes with spring. Definitely a winter scent.
Check out the photos below. I am sorry but I did not include twisted peppermint, I probably threw it away.
Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: BirchBox Elevate Everyday Glam Box

Hi Ya’ll,
I recieved my glambox for Birchbox before I left for NYC. This box’s theme was made from Emily Schmuman From Cupcakes and Cashmere.
I received these five items:
Harvey prince Yogini
Number 4 Super Comb and Prep
Naobay Oxgenating Cream Moisturizer
Marcelle Clay Mask
Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette
Check out the photos below

Catch ya later,

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Project Taste:Candy Club

Hi y’all,
I am bringing you the second delivered box from Candy Club. The first one was OK and I had forgotten to show you guys. This time I did not forget. I cant not say I was impressed with the sour gummies or slices. I felt they were not sour enough. I know crazy. The atomic fireballs were just like how I remembered them and the soft chews were soft and taste just like creamy orange ice cream to me.
In this box I received:
1. Albanese Sour Gummi Poppers
2. Allan Sour cherry slices
3. Gimbal’s Orange N’ Creme soft chews
4. Atomic Fireballs
5. Elenis Ginger Snaps.
The last box only had four items. This one had five. While I love your candy the price of 29.95 for candy I could buy for much less on a website individually or at a store like cracker barrel. I an canceling this box.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Project Travel: On the Rails to NYC

Hi y’all,
I have been on train trips as a child. My parents exposed us to some nice things as kids (atleast what I thought was nice). We went across state lines many times as a family and NYC was apart of those family trips because my mom’s relatives lived there.Now, that I am an adult , I like to travel by plane,train or bus. Well, sista girl is tired of the mega bus. My legs want leg room and a plush seat. Unfortunately, if you were watching the news , you would know that there was a horrible accident in Philadelphia involving an Amtrak train. I am south of Philly, NYC is north of Philly ,so you can see the problem, I had to get a refund. So ,my parents and I  went to see her cousins via the bus and attend an international food festival. What better place than NYC to enjoy food from around the world. Here are some photos of our trip.

Catch ya later,

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Porject Tryout: Ipsy Jetsetter Beauty Bag

Hi Y’all,
Wow ! I am really pumping out these posts. Hopefully, to your enjoyment. I received my Ipsy Bag today(5/12/15) even though I received an email that said my ipsy bag was shipped today. Meh. Ok So here is what I got. The theme is called Jetsetter. Ok.
In the Glam Bag:
1. BellaPierre Cosmetics Waterproof Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pencil
2.Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil + Bonus Revolution High-color lipgloss
3.Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205
4.Amie Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturizer
5.Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave In Conditioning Spray
Check out the photos below.
Catch Ya later,

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Random: Jury Duty

Hi y’all,
I went to jury duty yesterday. I was ready. I was more than excited. I was pumped even after talking to my Uber driver who said I could get a murder trial. Those he said were tough but its your duty to serve. He sounded like my mom who was proud to be in the country and would do anything as an American. I was that way until I say the defendant’s face. I was ready to free or convict in good conscience. When I saw him, I saw a kid. We didn’t get to hear his charges because he pleaded out but I definitely could feel that he was scared. I would be scared if I saw 100 people that could be my potential staring at me. I sat there in the cold, watching as the two attorneys spoke while he listened intently. The lawyer spoke to him in semi private and we the jury worried about how cold it was and I worried about why there wasn’t any donuts offered as my boyfriend told me there would be. Later talking to a fellow jury member, we wondered where his family was,why didn’t someone help him iron his shirt and wow ,he looked young and afraid. I realized over and over I was afraid. Could I really take his life? What did he do? And was he being treated fairly?
I am no longer so excited about jury duty. Its not the cold rooms, the wait ,the fifteen bucks they give and then take out my check. Its the pressure that I’m doing the right thing.
Catch ya later,

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Random: 500 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY !!!!!! (US ONLY)Closed

Hi Ya’ll,
I have reached 500 subscribers. That’s right FIVE HUNDRED. This is so big for me because back when I started in 2011, I was begging for people to just come by. I was like no one likes my crap. I felt like I would be in some little corner and never be seen. So I really want to  thank you for seeing me, commenting and following. I hope you spread the word and walk along with me on my journey through life and getting rid of this makeup. By the way, I have been really getting into my samples.
With that said, I have a gift for one lucky winner. The rules are the same as they always have been which is you have to be a subscriber and leave a comment below with your email. I will email you and you will be the winner. This is not a sample giveaway, I DID NOT GET THESE ITEMS FOR FREE. Repeat, this is NOT a sample giveaway.
DrumRoll Please…. The gift is Buxom Two of Kind Nudist and Provocateur and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette .Oh you read correctly. The artist palette can be yours. I am happy that this my first real giveaway. Oh and please tell your friends.
Catch Ya later,

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Random: We are getting close!

Hi Y’all,
I wanted you all to get your typing fingers ready because Monday I have a big treat for us. Well, its just two people , one to win and me for reaching a goal.
Thank you all and see you Monday.
Catch Ya later,

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