Project Travel:November Glam Bags

Hi Y’all,

I came back from Mexico to see my glam bags in the mail. Ipsy came out with Beauty Blast and my coworker L liked the girls’ makeup on that cardboard as well as the makeup bag. She asked if the makeup inside the bag matched when I said no;she was like whats the point and then it occurred to me that that would be a great idea .Anyway, BirchBox came with a beautiful box themed Feeling Fancy. My coworkers and I thought the box, the tissue papers and items were awesome. One of my coworkers M got a kick out the bee venom.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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Project travel: Viva La Mexico

Hi Yall,

I am back from my Riveria Maya,Mexico vacation. This was my first trip out of the States by myself. Unfortunately ,I gave my iternary to my parents and they jumped on my ride. However, I truly made this a trip of my own and only hung  with them one time. I will go back back I have a couple of islands I want to visit before I return.

Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: Bye Ashy #2

Hi Yall,

Influenster sent me a box that contained a new product from Curel to try out and write an honest review. Its called the Curel Itch Defense Body wash and Curel Itch Defense Instant Soothing Moisturizing Spray.


Both of these products are said to be dermatologist recommended as well as a recommendation from the National eczema association .
So lets start with the Curel itch defense body wash. Before we get started looking at the ingredients list , it looks to me that Curel said, forget trying to make something the natural way to stop itch lets science the shit out of dry skin. By the way, the is a quote from the Martian when Matton Damon’s character had to make crops grow on Mars. Ok. now back to the products.
This is what the website says:
Curel® Itch Defense® Body Wash stops the itch before it begins. This soap-free formula is a unique blend of gentle cleansers and skin conditioners that creates a rich lather to gently cleanse and soothe itchy skin.
Relief from dry, itchy skin after just four days*
No added fragrance; nonirritating formula
Soothes eczema-prone skin
Contains hydrating jojoba and olive oils
For optimal results, apply Curel® Itch Defense® Lotion to help prevent itchiness all day long.

The ingredients list for the lotion spray:
For the Body wash :
When I used it in the shower, it immediately foamed and there was a slight fragrance . My Cera Ve which is for dry skin that uses ceramides does not foam  and has no fragrance at all so this surprised me when it said that it was soap free. Usually dry skin products have little foam, this foamed a whole lot. When I would get out the shower, I didn’t feel dry or itchy . I was kind of upset when reading the back of the tube that the good oils like jojoba oil were the bottom of the ingredient list and the sulfutes and parabens were at the top. Curel says this is
This is what Curel says about the soothing spray. Curel® Itch Defense® Instant Soothing Moisturizing Spray instantly cools, calms, and soothes dry, itchy skin while helping to improve skin’s natural moisture barrier.
Hydrates dry, itchy skin for instant dry skin relief
Proprietary Cooling Complex to soothe on contact
Allergist tested
No added fragrance
Dermatologist recommended

When I sprayed on the lotion there was a fragrance. There was also a runniness to the spray when I started rubbing it in, and if you shook the spray it would come out in violent spurts , so don’t shake. The smell reminded me of Gold Bond product. I really would prefer if there wasn’t any fragrance and if there was not as many sulfates.I was kind of skeptical to see the eczema association approved this product. It also had petroleum in the ingredient list which isn’t bad but I was always told the “grease” isn’t a moisturizer but a barrier for the skin to keep moisture in. It creates the illusion of being moisturizes but is suffocating the pores.

Would I purchase this with my own money. Yes and no, yes, if I am in a bind and yes, if it were only the body wash I was purchasing. No, if I had a choice. especially with the moisturizing spray.

Check out additional photos below.

Catch Ya later.

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Project Tryout:Over the Weekend

Hi Yall,

I had a jam pack weekend. That’s a lie but I did do something Friday ,Saturday and Sunday. However, I did not take a lot of photos which I am upset about because I call myself a blogger. Uggh. I guess I feel like in some moments. I just don’t to ruin the moment or miss something in trying to pull my camera out.

So Friday, I went to the Charleston. Its a high end restaurant located in Harbor East, Baltimore . It was too fancy in my opinion to pull out my camera phone and it was quite dark so, I chose to have three delicious course(they have a choice between 3, 4, 5, 6 courses) and they  brought out extras like cornbread and soup before the meal that was served in a espresso cup . After I was done my lobster curry soup, I had scallops with walnuts and goat cheese and I also had the stony cut grits. After the dinner was done, they asked me for dessert, I said , no.. too stuffed.  They still  gave me tiny macaroons, bon bon, a tiny cookie on a saucer (just to give a point of reference of how cute the cookies were). I felt like I was in willy wonka land because the food was in small portions but I was stuffed.

Saturday, I headed to NYC for my great uncle’s funeral,  who lived to be 90 years old. He had a well traveled life and most fond memory of him was when he and my dad helped me hold his German drinking mugs. He cared for those mugs and he would put them high on a mantle.  He, like my abuelita  traveled a lot and were wonderful people.

Sunday, we went to Tribeca and ate at Bubbys then we went to check the Fyre shoe store for my dad. I even went into the Chanel store. After that I went to Rituals and bought a shower gel then took my parents to Ben’s famous pizza where I saw Cynthia Nixon (she played Miranda on Sex in the City) walking through. No , I couldn’t take any photos, she was breezing by and wasn’t taking photos. I also went to Chopt and took home a Vegan Mexicali Salad  on the way home. I really enjoyed exploring Spring St.

These are the only photos I took.

Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout:High end sheet mask

Hi Yall,
I love Birchbox because that is the time that I get samples that are high end. Usually I get perfume/ hair samples which I love but aren’t my favorite. I love skincare mask and the most I paid for one was nine dollars. Now , Birchbox sent my September box and I received the NER:D Super Hydrating mask. Oh this is expensive. The price is 3 masks for 58 dollars. yeah jaw drop.
This mask is very different from the previous masks I have tried. One, it has a smooth , gel like texture which comes from the mask being made 100% by bacteria. Its not like the hydrogel mask that feels thin but real thick and would be extremely hard to tear. Also, this was the first mask that was sheltered between two mesh dollies like a secondary protection system and a the package has plastic insert that is attached. keeping all the nutrients in.
The mask says its key benefits are:
Immediately hydrates the skin
Boosts hyaluronan synthesis and improve collagen fibrillogenis.
Enhances skin suppleness
restores skin’s resilience
The key ingredients of the mask are:
◦Rice Bran Oil Extract(γOryzanol):A mixture of antioxidants, helps protect cells againstfree radicals.Diminishes facial lines and makes the skin glow
◦Macadamia Oil: High in monosaturated fatty acids and Omega 6,7,9. Moisturizes, regenerates and illuminates skin.
◦Tripeptides: Smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
◦Hyaluronic Acid: Holds moisture of the dermis while improving the look of elasticity, firmness and youthfulness.
◦Ceramides: Key molecules of the epidermis for maintaining moisture and integrity of the cell barrier. Essential for skin renewal and radiance.
◦Licorice Root Extract: Soothes the skin.
◦Squalane: Mimics the molecular structure of natural skin lipids,moisturizing, replenishing, and softening the skin.
◦Allantoin: Encourages healthy cell growth.
On the package, it also has that it contains CM Glucan , Pentavitan , Nannochlorpsis oculata extract: algea extract .
◦Mask is 100% made by Bacteria. 100% Biocompatible. 100% Biodegradable. 100% bacteria removal.
This mask was awesome when I placed on it on my face. It did not feel like it was not drying out on my face, it was very dewy even though I keep it on for 40 minutes. I also didn’t have the tingle that I feel with some mask. I just feel like it was very hydrating and soothing. My face afterward felt light , plump and moisturized. You can not tell with the yellow light but I was beaming. I really liked this sheet mask. I would even say better than the hydrogel.
Check out the photos.

Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: BeautyCon /NYC Haul

Hi Yall,
I forgot to take photos of each of the mask that I have as well as some MAC makeup that I bought in NYC. I bought this when I was at beautycon. Check that post out here
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: What Happened Over the Weekend

Hi y’all,
NYC is a second home to me. I have family who live here and I go for  various reasons. This reason is BEAUTYCON. I was asked by simplydeketa( she is a youtuber, check out her channel) to go and see what it is about. I’m glad I did, its making my birthday month interesting. I’m really not interested on meeting the YT stars , that’s why I bought a general admissions ticket. I’m really up here for the vendors. Oh, it was not that. Samples from vendors ,yes, but this is not like an mini Imats (which I wanted). In fact, this was more of panels from youtubers and more of meeting those people that inspire you. I think a better name would be tubecon.
Would I go next year, umm yeah on a general admission ticket. Its something to do. Its nice to see some of the new things that some of the brands are showing off. It was great for those who  would like to get some awesome advice directly from the youtube community. When I arrived some of the girls were asking the same age old questions like how do you deal with the haters? There is a video on that, google it.  I see that you are confident are you more confident when are dancing? I am kind of mad I didn’t ask , how did you successfully build your brand and when did you decide that this was taking off enough to really start a media kit? When did you feel it was time to invest in quality lighting and cameras?
Anyway, check out the photos of the things I bought and samples.

Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: BirchBox October 2015

Hi Yall,

I am here with another BirchBox and unlike the Ipsy bag I will not be discontinuing my subscription anytime soon.
The theme of this box is called positive force and its in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness. Hence all the pink on the card and tissue paper.Below are the pictures of what I received. I am quite happy with all the items. I really enjoyed the perfume sample. I loved the primer sample (it most likely will allow me to go a year without a face primer purchase. I have several samples of face primer). You all know that I am in love with Caudalie products. They are awesome. This is a very gentle brand. I received Eyeko mascara. I have used their eyeliner and I also received a Rusk hair elixir , it suppose to help with shine. I am very excited about that because I want my color to look rich.
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout: Ipsy October Bag

Hi Yall,

My Ipsy Bag for October has come and I would like to announce that I am ending my Ipsy subscription at the end of the year. I will not be doing another year of Ipsy. This is not to disappoint anyone but I am not going to continue collecting items that I eventually have to give away.
So on to the bag:
AYRES ipsy EXCLUSIVE Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream
MicaBeauty ipsy EXCLUSIVE Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze
theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick
This bag I would say is a C. Nothing exciting me but its not horrible. I liked the hand cream but not the fragrance which was made with vanilla. I also do not use a tweezer. The eyeshadow was nice but not a color I would just slap on the lid for going to work or hanging out. The Balm lipstick is ok , I don’t know if I liked the shade.
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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Project Tryout:Pearl Rubber Mask

Hi y’all,
I am so in to keeping this face, neck and decolletage as youthful as possible that I will travel the globe to get it. Thank God for the internet because I can purchase different things online. This time I spent time on glow recipe and bought Lindsay modeling rubber mask.
I bought this mask through glow and it is the most DIY mask that I ever tried out in my life. If you think that the hydrogel mask was crazy then you have not seen anything yet. The rubber mask conforms to face going from a soupy consistency to a pliable eraser head consistency  on your face in 15-20 minutes. Be prepared with napkins because the goop will run a little. This is definitely a mask where you need to be seated.
Just so you have the full information, this is what I pulled off the website.
The Gist:
Used in top Korean skin spas, modeling rubber masks are a step-up from regular sheet masks. When applied, the thick layer of rubber fully conforms to the shape of your face, allowing mineral-rich nutrients to be absorbed without the risk of evaporation. The Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Rubber Mask delivers an instant radiance to your complexion, soothing irritated skin and force feeding your pores intensive moisture for lasting hydration. For all skin types.
How it works:

Alginate, found in kelp extract, that transforms from a powder to a soft gel-like texture when mixed in water. Formulated with Alginate and also a blend of botanicals and clays, the mineral-rich Lindsay Modeling Rubber Mask – Pearl helps to detoxify skin by gently lifting away impurities and dead skin cells while supplying nutrients into the skin to reveal instant brightening effects.
Free of:
Parabens, Mineral Oils.
How to use is in English. Thank God! you are suppose pour water to the marked line and mix well with included spatula. start with cheeks, chin and forehead. Spread it thick and even and make sure it is  thick especially around the perimeter around the face. Gently peel off after having it on for ten to fifteen minutes. follow with your regular skincare.
FYI – just a sidenote, I hear this can be dehydrating with using water and all and having a rubber mask on your skin but there is a tip from a fellow blogger that I mentioned before fifty shades of snails, place a serum or essence on your skin before applying the mask.
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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