Project Tryout: Not your Mama’s

Hi Yall,

I have finally washed my hair and I used the Not your Mother’s beach babe texturizing shampoo and conditioner (this was sent to me in a vox box). The shampoo has some great things listed like sulfate free, coconut and sea kelp( the ingredients such as sea kelp is not in the 1st five) . The conditioner is also sulfate free and also has coconut oil infused. Both the shampoo and conditioner is suppose to give you waves and hydrate your hair. I wanted to have waves but of course my hair is not straight, its curly. I plaited my hair to give me a wavy look with the Obliphica intensive hair serum for my split ends and just unruly pieces. I then un-plaited my hair,I felt that my hair was more tightly held together. I liked that. You know ladies I have been searching for my Chicago hair(click here to see it). Anyways, I did enjoy the product even I had to work a little harder to see suds because of all the oil in my hair and it being sulfate free. I did like the conditioner because it really made my detangling easy. I let my hair go free in the last wash and I had a lot of tangles. Dont judge.
I did like the smell. If you don’t like coconut you may not like the smell. However, I had used a lot of shampoo because my hair had so much product in it.

Check out the photos below of the product and results.
Catch ya later,

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2 Responses to Project Tryout: Not your Mama’s

  1. ellemanjessica says:

    Did this leave your hair feeling dry?

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      No, but that’s because when I finished rinsing my hair I immediately put in the serum.Before the serum I didn’t feel like my hair was dry or too clean (like squeaky)

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