Brown Series: Chestnut Lip Liner

Hi Beauties,
We are about to be at the end of the brown series and there is an upcoming series that I will be doing on Wednesdays. Stay tuned and help me say goodbye to the brown series. Again, thanks for your continued support.
Chestnut lipliner is a holy grail product for any deep/dark skin beauty. It is literally the anchor to wearing colors that may not match your tone or may be too light for our coloring. You can even wear it buy itself. Its like a deep coffee color. On my lips , I put it on my bottom lip first because my top lip is almost the same color as the lip pencil. I don’t know whats in it but it definitely a neutralizer which can be worn with cool or warm lipsticks and lipglosses. MAC describes it as an intense brown and priced at $15 dollars.
Check out the photos below.

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5 Responses to Brown Series: Chestnut Lip Liner

  1. beauty412 says:

    Chestnut was the first lip liner I ever bought from MAC.

  2. Oh i definitely remember the chestnut liner with Oh Baby on top. Those were black girl staples!

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