Project Tryout:Ipsy July Glambag

Hi Guys,
You know its time for another glam bag and this time its for Ipsy glambag (the theme is Sensationally Sunkissed) . I want to start from what I did not like. I find that with Ipsy bag I have a strong first impressions right of the back.
1.Hang ten dark tanning oil with SPF. I am  Black or African American what have you. I’m not a light skin person which we do have in my community but  I have no problem darkening in the sun. I do not burn. I don’t need this. Its a giveaway item. Don’t even want to try it.
2.Pixi tinted brilliance balm on pretty in pink. Another item that I don’t need. Every time I receive  a  pink lip product, I feel like it doesn’t work and I regret trying it because it could of been of a great edition to my giveaway box.
3. Bare minerals 5in1 bb advanced Performance cream eye shadow . This eye shadow looks great but it has sun screen in it which leads me to  believe that I may get flashback from a flash of a camera. I will try it but only for daytime looks when I am not being chased by the paps. (LOL)
4.Pur  Big look mascara with argan oil and is  waterproof. I have never gone out and bought mascara even more so waterproof mascara. I really want to try this. However the argan oil is fifth from the bottom so I don’t know how much I will be actually getting in this sample.
5.Lavilin bio balance jojoba skin smoother . It says on the tube use after intense physical activity. When I rubbed it in my skin,it reminded me of the smell of cortisone cream. I read the ingredients and the jojoba oil is second after water. Yeah second from the top. I am interested since I have been walking around the reservoir.
Check out the photos.
Catch ya later,

P.s. let me tell you about this crappy camera. I have been working around this camera because I thought the flash was broken. Because I am not a baller or date a man who can just drop a 790 on a camera and  because we have real bills to pay,you know school loans,upcoming trips and rent, I had to work around it. When I had taken pictures in somewhat low light the camera said raise the flash. When I  followed the directions which  I usually ignore because it  doesn’t do anything, it takes the picture with flash.  I didn’t use the photo because it stunk  but I was like surprised. OK that’s the end of my story. Bye guys

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