Project Tryout: Bulu Box

Hi Ya’ll,

I received a Bulu box over the weekend and I will have to show you what I receive.I switched my box my from weight loss to just general wellness and I am glad I did. With the previous boxes I was receiving alot of pills that were not going to help because they were one pill samples.
1. Chike Nutrition High Protein Coffee.
2.Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips in Barbecue. Full size sample. This is actually very flavorful compared to Baked Lays barbecue. On the bag it says that it’s vegan, gluten free and all natural. The product also is corn free and has 4 grams in fiber, 4 grams protein. Its pretty tasty.
3.Helps Tea for her and Rehydration Diets
4.Power Crunch Bar in French Vanilla creme . I had this sample before and for it was pretty taste considering that I think most protein bars have a bad taste, aftertaste, and the protein taste like sludge.
5.Puracyn Wound and Skin Care solution.This is a wound spray that I that was really cool since I will be traveling in and out of the country this year. YIpppeee!It is for scrapes, burns and lacerations. It does not contain any antibiotics,steriods, alcohol or iodine. It is also PH neutral and safe for adults and children.
6.BioTerrra Herbs Sleep . This is 10 pills which is the travel size version. It is suppose to promote restful sleep.
Check out the photos below and if you want to try it out here is a coupon.

Catch ya later,


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