Project Ten Pan: Natural Empties

Hi Yall,
I went to a hair show a year ago and I have been hoarding these products in this huge bag (like a wider IMATS bag).  I also have thrown in a few natural empties that may have come in subscription boxes. Each photo may not be an actual empty but I have fully used the product.

1. Ur Curly Soya Shampoo|on the package of UR Curly shampoo, it says its free of alcohol, parabens , silicone, sulfates and dyes. Its made with soy protein and enriched with Abyssinian Oil and Tea Tree Oil as well as Echinacea and Aloe.This smells very medicated. Some say they smelled peppermint.I can see that. On the back of the package, it says its suppose to soothe scalp , reduce breakage and nourish damage hair. Helping you reach your hair goals. It says for the best results use with the conditioner which I review next.
2. Ur Curly Quinoa Conditioner| Just like the shampoo its suppose to be free of the bad things but its made with Quinoa Protein and enriched with Abyssinian Oil, Lavender and Aloe. It says on the back of the package that it will moisturize and detangle , reduce breakage, nourish damage hair. This time instead of washing it out immediately I am suppose to let it sit in my hair for 3-5 minutes. I let it sit for ten minutes. The conditioner felt very tingly. My boyfriend said it smelled minty.I would agree, it really reminds me of Sea-breeze.
oyin 010
3. Oyin Homemade Greg Juice|is a leave in conditioner which I used to refresh my hair in the morning or use it before styling my hair after I washed it with my L’Oreal products.I also brought it with me last summer in Chicago when I was going to the city’s food festival and it was wonderful. OMG, I think my best hair was in Chicago. I purchased this product from a hair show a while ago and it was apart of a snack pack( a group of sample size products in a travel case)
On the Oyin handmade website (click here) they describe the Greg juice as oil free, vegetable moisturizer that can be used on all hair types. The scent is described as citrus- lavender. I definitely could smell the lavender.I would repurchase this product after I went through the entire snack pack.
natural 005
4. Texture My Way Hydrate Moisture Intensive Softening Shampoo( shampoo sample)| The website says this sulfate free shampoo will live your hair softer and squeaky clean.
5. Texture My way  Texture Control Moisture Intensive Dual Conditioner (conditioner sample). The website says that this product can be used as a co wash and a rinse out deep conditioner. I always let my conditioner sit for a long time before washing them out so I can get as much of the benefits as possible.
Both of these products I have recently used the shampoo I was using after I was tired of trying out a shampoo bar sample.These samples didn’t have any highlights for me to rave about. maybe next time I will use it with their other products.
natural 001
6.Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Soap with Soy Milk, Frankincense & Myrrh. It was a full size bar that I received at the same hair show. This 5 oz bar was actually a great soap. The smell was not heavy, it lathered well and my skin had a scent that I would equate to an oatmeal smell. I would repurchase this product.
empties 001

7. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter. I received this in my Ipsy March 2014 bag. This is one of the two products that I did not give away.I will have to say this body butter I would not look into repurchasing. It was very thick and hard to rub into the skin. I also found that my skin itched after using it. My boyfriend C did like the smell.

empties 002

8. Nourish Orangic Food for healthy skin Lightweight Moisturizing Face lotion. Yes, a long title on a small bottle. It has argan oil, rosewater as well as shea butter. This sample is 0.5 oz but I have gotten more than a week’s usage out of it. I will have to say the lotion has a light smell but reminds me of peaches. The texture of the lotion is quite sticky and reminds me of how serums feel when applying them to the face. I have to say I am not a fan and would not repurchase.

9. Miss Jessie softening shampoo in oh so clean and softening conditioner. This is another sample packet. Now for the shampoo I did like the smell and both had no sulfates, parabens. I did feel like my hair was softer after using the product. Im sorry guys, I cant seem to find the photo.

10. Body Shop Soap which sells 100 % vegetarian products. I had bought some soaps after going through a major bath and body works empties. So I collected most of my soap wrappers. Out of all of the soaps I say that I liked them in this order: Satsuma which reminded me of a exotic orange, Brazil Nut which had a very nutty smell ,very earthy.Shea Butter it reminded me of like a flower. My last favorite was Coconut. The only one I hated and had plenty of was  Olive soap, it first reminded me of a weird pine and then it reminded me of Planet Fitness cleaner(you know what you wipe off the machines with when you are done, yuck). I would repurchase the soaps expect for Olive.
Keep a look out for my future empties posts.
Catch ya later,

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