Project Tryout: Natural from the freezer? Jamba Juice.

Hi Y’all,
I finally bought some apple juice for my Jamba juice Caribbean Passion. I really did not know what to expect but I figured begin sold through mass market , it would be some kind of sweet. What I was not expecting was that it was actual frozen fruit. It also had yogurt already on the fruit, you did not need to open a separate package.
The downside was all the sugar involved. My smoothies that I make with Chobani yogurt  do not taste as sweet and I add for some people alot of fruit( I believe that it was the apple juice that added alot of sugar as well) . The consistency was a little thin but I guess you can control that adding less juice or more yogurt or flax seed to thicken the smoothie.  I will have to say it taste good for a dessert drink.

Check out the photos below.oh I forgot this was from my influenster box for review.

Catch ya later,


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