Pink Series: MAC Candy Yum Yum

Hi Ya’ll,
I am sorry I did not post my pink series post on Wednesday. Yesterday was crazy. Anyway, I am here to show you that regardless of the day we can still wear pink. Now, this lipstick is a relatively new lipstick to MAC and to me . I bought this lipstick before I went to Chicago. I guess I wanted to try something different since I am an avid red wearer. You can catch that collection here, here and here and by going through the red series. MAC Candy Yum Yum is a neon pink lipstick, I would describe that color as a blue based pink.. The finish of this lipstick is matte but its not as dry to me as Ruby Woo as soon as you place it on. However as the day wears on you will need moisturizer.This lipstick retails at 16.00. In terms of who can wear it. I think lot of shades who dare can wear it. Now, with that said some of us would feel more comfortable to with lipliner. You can wear MAC nightmoth, vino, magenta you are not comfortable with wearing it alone.
Check out the photos below.
Catch ya later,

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14 Responses to Pink Series: MAC Candy Yum Yum

  1. This is such a great pink with your skin tone!

  2. taramydibbs says:

    I like how certain pink lipsticks look. This one looks good on you. Im going to tell my co-worker abut this color, I think she would look adorable in it as well.

  3. beauty412 says:

    Don’t worry I won’t tell the Deltas you’re doing a pink series. 😉

  4. That color looks so good on you!

  5. Just Jona says:

    This looks sooo good on you! :))

  6. E. Rich says:

    This color looks great on you!

    I haven’t worn mine in a while. *rubs chin*

  7. This is such a gorgeous shade, I’d love to own it, but I’m waiting for the Kelly Osbourne collection to come to Brazil to see if I’d like Kelly Yum Yum better than this one… But definitely on my wish list. Looks gorgeous on you btw

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      Thank you I did notice the Kelly Osbourne but I wasn’t going to buy it. I felt disappointed after buying flat out fabulous which is a matte version of girl about town

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