Project Tryout: For the Love of Eyeshadow

Hi Beauty Lovers,
I love blush, lipstick and lip gloss but I love the idea of eye shadow. Eye shadow to me is very illusive. Its something that I want to wear, I like wearing, and I like seeing people apply. However, its the bane of my makeup existence because its so hard to blend, its so hard to pair shadows.Its so hard to do! Anyway, I had a plan to do 30 days of eye shadow looks. Yeah! that was not going to happen but I feel like maybe I could do some eye swatches or I may just throw caution to the wind and try multiple colors at the same time.
So check out the photos of some of the eye shadow, cream shadows , eyeliners and paint pots and so on.
Catch ya later,

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I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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14 Responses to Project Tryout: For the Love of Eyeshadow

  1. iheartbri says:

    Wow I was literally gonna suggest buying more lol I just did a look with some new eyeshadows on my blog. I seriously collect colors

  2. E. Rich says:

    Nice collection!

    30 days of wearing eyeshadow. That is a great idea. I seriously need to do that since I have sooooo many of them just sitting there. LOL :-/

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