For the love of Eyeshadows: Pigments

Hi guys,
This is a new subject for me.. pigments. I have been steady in collecting new types of makeup and I am really trying to touch all the things in my collection. You know its not just using things to get rid of it but using things because tomorrow is not promised. You don’t know if you will wake up tomorrow and everyday should be a special occasion for you to try something new and learn. Now, glitter and pigments are two different things and I had been kind of combining and using these interchangeably. Glitter is tiny sparking material that is reflective. Glitter if not made for the eyes can scratch your cornea. Pigments is a highly concentrated loose color powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin and just like glitter some colors are not eye safe or lip safe in terms of warning labels.

So this time I am going to concentrate on pigments only and where I can wear them.

Check out the list below.
MAC Melon
MAC Blue Brown
MAC Old Gold
MAC Deep Blue Green
MAc Just Before Dawn
MAC Vanilla
MAC kitshcmas
MAC Push the Edge
NYX Penny
NYX Mink
NYX True Purple
NYX Black Pearl
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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6 Responses to For the love of Eyeshadows: Pigments

  1. Maria B says:

    Push the edge looks great ❤

  2. beauty412 says:

    Blue Brown from MAC is my all time favorite pigment. NYX gives you a lot of bang for your buck on their pigments.

  3. mariamuekalia says:

    Hi I nominated your blog for a liebster award! Follow the link for the picture and rules

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