Random: I voted In the Midterm Election Race

Hi Yall,

I voted and I hope that you did as well. I know that some people feel that their votes and who they vote for are very personal like bedroom topics. So, if you feel uncomfortable talking or listening to someone gripe about the issues , please see any of my non political posts here, here or here.
I am a Democrat and I live in the DMV where my state is usually blue. I am very upset that we did not win the governor’s seat. Yes, I am one of those poor smucks who voted and lost. Waaa. However I am not upset that my party lost. I am upset that the values and inroads that I believe women need to make right now are not going to happen now that we have Republican majority run senate, congress and governorship.
I would like my words marked so that when universal pre-k gets taken away. When the vote for equal pay is thrown out or if your granny’s meds and universal healthcare is diminished and then taken away you wont be singing the blues. I have already sung them. The sad part for me is that people look at tax increases and cry but then they dont see the services helps you stop a foreclouser or social service programs when you are kicked out on the street.To me its the saddest when poor people vote for a party that are behind big banks the same big bank that scam us years ago and had senate hearings on with their golden parachutes already made with your dollars.. Now, I am not saying we don’t have trifling Democrats that are incumbent and stay that way because they dont rock the boat and they shake hands and kiss babies only around election time. Believe me those who are not fighting for your rights, making deals that help everyone get a fair shake should be booted. However, you actually voted for people who say we are going to help the economy and then say, no equal pay and no increase in minimum wage, really? . Its just like you not having reproductive services but you want to shame people for getting on welfare to assist their households. Ughh! To me the even more sad part is the young people who voted for Obama and wanted all this change will get it, it will be the one in their pockets for retirement because you will still be paying that student loan forever. The Republicans voted against that too.

Alright,I am stepping down for my soap box. Good luck.



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