Project Tryout: What I tried out over the weekend

Hi Guys,

I am Super Pumped. Yep! I have started trying out items from my BirchBox hoarding post click here to see all the items and a few other travel size samples I have tried over the weekend:

1.DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Mininizer Moisturizing Serum. The product retails for $85.00. When using it for the first time, I felt like it went on like a gel. Very smooth. I would say it felt quite luxurious. When touching my face after applying that under moisturizer, it felt like I had some serious barriers. I would like to continue using it.

2. ElevenSeven Rescue Omega 3 Serum. Retails for 75.00. I did not like the smell so applied it on my forehead and neck only. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and since I am a worrywart, I placed in those places where wrinkles and aged skin looks on a women. I also had another sample of this so I gave it to my mom.

3.BodyShop Olive Body Scrub. $6.00 for travel size. I chose this before I knew that i did not like the smell. After several soaps to erase the hate for olive, I reached for this scrub. I like Body Shop scrubs, I find them to be high on the moisture, medium on grit and low on its intensity. This scrub is made for dry to normal skin types.

4. Bond Number 9 Scent of Peace. Retails for 95-208 bucks. The notes listed are : Grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, hedione, cedarwood, musk. Would I purchase the perfume on my own.  Um no. I found this scent to not be what I expected. When I think of peace, it smells light, airy, fresh. It didn’t smell like that on me. I felt quite potpourri-ish. Later on the scent became less nauseating.

5. Egyptian Magic Cream. Retails for 26-38 bucks. Its made with 6 ingredients: olive oil, beeswax,honey and royal jelly with bee pollen, propolis extract. I thought it was ok. Since I started using it in like yesterday I really cant tell you. I must say I didn’t use alot to get rid of the ash.

6. Dr Jart+ Pore Minimalist Mask.Retails for 7.50 per mask. I love a mask. I think they are so cool.I like peel off mask more because you peel it off when they dry. Anyway, this charcoal mask was very round in shape , very saturated with product and made my skin feel great after taken it off. I really was happy that it was on my nose and chin because thats where my pimples usually pop up. I think it caused the serums to go on better after applying the mask.

Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,



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