Random: Favorite Youtubers

Hi Guys,

My name is 1reddiva83 aka Ericca and I am in love with watching beauty bloggers on YouTube.

Here are my top ten favorite Youtubers for right now.
1. Shameless Maya. Such a fan. She has made so much progress in being herself and she makes great videos. She is not so much a beauty blogger but she does do some great transformation and tech videos. I love that is she is so effervescent.
2.theycallme_mo I just found out about her on YouTube; just trolling. I love finding new people to watch. She has a great complexion,very bright and she loves lipstick. She is a great base for women who are darker than NC50.
3.SimplyDeketa. Another lipstick lover. She is not like theycall_mo she is what totally different. She has a more rock star appearance in her hair and her lipstick choices. If you want to know how to keep a weave, you have to check out her videos. She is also the queen of bright crazy colors. Love her!
4.MsRoshPosh. I am someone who watches YouTube for inspiration. I want to see the magic of what a good brush, well place color and eyelashes can do for someone. However, MsRoshPosh is GORGEOUS! Like she is very pretty, with or without makeup. If you want a frog turning into a princess this is not your channel. She is very fun and her beauty doesn’t translate in snobbish behavior. She is very down to earth.
5.HeyClaire. The queen of a good edit. MY God. You have to say that like Derek J on fashion queens. Honey knows how to work a camera.Not only that, she is very punk to me and I love it. This is what I would want to look like edgewise.
6. Mel williams. I look for people who are more of my complexion. She is definitely around my coloring and I love her and looks. She can be real natural looking even when she is working several eyeshadows. She has full features.
7.DestinyGodley. I watched her when her videos were not that great but her content was always on time for darker skin beauties. Like Shameless Maya she really gives a lot of herself and shows you how to do a lot of things. She is darker than NC50 but her looks and the things she does, well, that’s universal.
8.Kokofemme. This is a swatch queen. You get a swatch ,you get a swatch. Everyone gets swatched. Since she is closer to my skin color ,I go to her for how the color will come off on me, for quick reviews and to really see whats what in the makeup world. The reason why I chose some of the LA girl concealers was because I saw her swatches. Yep.
9.CosmeticallyChallenged. I follow her on twitter and started watching her on Youtube. She is very nice and she really appealed to me because she was the first to really talk about BlackUp cosmetics.
10.Makeupgameonpoint. This girl right here. You want a themed look based on the 60s or you want someone who can give you a dupe in for your skintone. Follow this chick. Great videos and they are not hella long.
Check out these ladies. You’ll learn something.
Catch ya later,


About 1reddiva83

I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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One Response to Random: Favorite Youtubers

  1. Deketa says:

    Thank you for this!!!!!

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