Project Ten Pan: Samples Empties

Hi guys,
I know that in past project ten pan I have been collecting items and then letting you all know about them in a post (I haven’t been doing that for a while but that’s how project 10 pan are suppose to be). This is more of an empties post but we all know that I am on an epic never ending project ten pan. In fact, I have been disgusted with myself that I am now collecting makeup subscription samples like junk mail.
Here are a few sample empties that I have tried.Some of theses samples I can not really go into because they are a one time sample. Check them out below.
1. Hercules vitamins (bulu box). I received a 4 pill cocktail in a one time sample wrap.
The four pills I received were Vertox :powerful antioxidant,reduce inflammation,support cardiovascular health
Krill Oil: Maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support joint health and anti-inflammatory.
Multi with Energizing Ribose: increased energy, maintain good health, enhance immune response
CoQ10: Boost energy levels,significant antioxidant properties, and support hearth health.
I didn’t feel like a super hero getting his energy refilled like the power rangers or anything (which you wont after taking a vitamin after one time ). I just noticed I didn’t have any re flux after taking the vitamins. However, I am not going to purchase them because I do not take my multivitamin from GNC which is one/ two pills a day.
2. Solle Vitamin powder(bulubox). This powder dissolves in your beverage. It is green .I tried it in water but to me it smelled sweet but tasted off and the after taste was too much for me. I believe it would be better in herbal tea. You probably hide the taste better with sugar.

3. Body Drench Candylicious Lip Balm in Cotton Candy(ipsy). I love this lip balm and if I didn’t have so many more to finish I would definitely buy it. I loved the smell of cotton candy. It didn’t smell like the other artificial flavors and have this horrid after smell.

4.Burt’s bees day lotion(birchbox). This day lotion is so heavy. If you want moisture and a strong smell than you would like this. I would not repurchase this because of the smell.
wpid-20141117_144008.jpg wpid-20141117_144034.jpg
5.Gilchrist & Soames body lotion(birchbox). I was told by my coworker M that this reminded her of hotel lotion which I may have to agree. However this sample had too big of a mouth. If you are a klutz like me there was a lot of pouring a scooping. The lotion also was mid range runny. However it did banish my ashiness pretty well. I like body butters better so, I won’t be repurchasing.

6. Suki Facial Scrub (Birchbox). I had to bring this scrub back to life with a bit of water.I did get to use it and I was meh. I wasn’t thrilled if you don’t know what meh is. I won’t repurchase.
7. EBoost (BuluBox sample ). I thought this tasted like a jello without the bad aftertaste my coworker thought it taste like slim fast. However the half that she did drink she said she felt a little boost. I won’t purchase.. I don’t do those type of drinks. Good old Starbucks works well enough for me.
8. Em mascara(ipsy box full size). I love this eye mascara. It is not empty but the mascara started to flake and get into my eye. It literally messed with me wearing contacts so its no more.

9.pop beauty no 1 smokey black (ipsy). This is another one that lasted 3 months and I chucked it.
10.Ruffian non acetone nail polish towelette (Birchbox Sample). I like this nail polish remover . The smell is way more pleasant than regular acetone or even no acetone polish remover. Since, I don’t wear nail polish that much I would dish out for these wipes.
Catch Ya later,

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