Project Tryout: Bye Ashy!

Hi Ya’ll,

I was suppose to do a series reviewing products that I received in my Surf’s Up Vox Box (I am extremely late on this product). If you want to see what I received then (click here). I have heard of Hawaiian Tropic but it was for sun tan lotion and fake bake products  never as an after sun product.Actually, I never heard of a after sun product. The full name of this lotion is Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun. It is suppose to refresh and soothe your skin after being in the sun. Remember this does not keep you from getting sunburn but helps soothe the dryness after sun exposure. Moreover, always remember to wear sunscreen! An ounce prevention is better than a pound of cure.I used this product(Hawaiian Tropic) after being on the beach in Punta Cana and it has a deep moisturizing feel. When I first applied it did not leave a wet or slippery feeling.It has these ribbons  that leave you feeling hydrated for a very long time. The smell is very coconutty which I didn’t mind being out in the tropics and I was not wearing any perfumes. I will take this with me on any beach travels I plan for next summer.
Now, while I was having this product, I also received an Ipsy Glam Bag with a product that you can use of over exposure to the sun and its called Lavilin Jojoba Gel cream. I received it my July 2014 bag. I did not take it with me to Punta Cana but used it in the wintertime in the DMV, I am always looking for a product to kill the dryness, tightness and irritation associated with it. The worst dryness to me  is winter skin especially after being exposed to the sun. Both of these products are after-sun products that have emollients to fight dryness and tightness on the skin. Right now, my skin is dry and tight.
From the Ipsy website they state that ” Lavilin Jojoba gel cream , out of all nature’s compounds, is the most similar to human skin oil. It is known to restore the skin’s natural luster and suppleness, and soften and hydrate dry skin. Lavilin Jojoba Cream calms and softens skin, is excellent after over-exposure to sun, and is suitable for use in intimate areas.” Right now, I am using the jojoba gel cream and plan on repurchasing it because it does not come with a scent like the Hawaiian tropic. I feel like it is a bit lighter in consistency and when I apply it seems to feel the lightest on my skin. I am not saying Hawaiian Tropic does not have a good product and I will continue to use it but its more of a seasonal product because the smell and the feel of it.
Catch ya later,

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