Project Tryout : Ole Henriksen Review

Hi Ya’ll,
I received a week’s sample of Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders. I wanted to do a review on it because I was watching one of my daily youtube video subscriptions and Missdivalike had a similar background about skincare that I did growing up.We just washed our face with soap and water. There were no treatment, serums , toners.There was any regimen in washing your face. In my family is was sort of the same thing except for my abuelita who had a serious love for looking good. She was an Estee Lauder fan. However, my mother only had us using soap and water and then as teenagers, we used witch hazel. My sister had acne prone skin and I had dry skin. We had different issues but both were treated almost the same.
Now onto the Ole Henriksen. It is a three-step daily regimen developed for an effective, easy, and healthy skincare routine to treat all major skin concerns. My skin issues are dryness and hyper pigmentation.
The products included are :
his set contains:
– 1 oz truth serum™ collagen booster
– 1 oz Invigorating Night Gel™
– 1 oz Sheer transformation® brightening moisturizer
1. How my face felt on day one of using 3 little wonders? When first applying the collagen booster was sticky and the moisturizer was sheer. I was questioning was going to be enough for the winter time.

Sidenote: On days 1-3, I saw some texture changes in my skin ( like when you sit on carpet with your bare legs) on the lower outlines of my face. I also felt like it was a bit irritated and it started to itch. I stop placing the collagen booster on that part of my skin as well as the brightening lotion in that area. Hopefully, my skin will return back to normal. Now the rest of my skin, doesn’t feel that way, it feels quite smooth.
2. How it felt on day 7? I would say my skin felt smooth except for the outlines of my jaw. Would I say brighter, better, more elastic.. no not really but because the samples were pretty decent in size for me I can continue a bit longer with it.
3. The consistency of the 3 products: The collagen booster was very sticky and smelled like a faint orange. The night gel was very watery and had a faint smell but nothing that bothered me.The brightening moisturizer is lightweight and thin and didn’t have a smell.I didnt feel like my facial skin was ashy or anything when coming in from outside.
4. My recommendation: I would not purchase the set but would purchase the moisturizer.
Catch ya later,

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1 Response to Project Tryout : Ole Henriksen Review

  1. simplydeketa says:

    Soooooo! I use the moisturizer and after failed attempts at searching for a new one, looking at my Sephora purchase history, I realized I always go back. I’ve now come to terms with the fact my skin loves it. Lol A fave for real!

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