Winter Wonderland Tag

Hi Yall,

So I decided to jump on this tag from Muekalia Beauty Department.

Check out my answers below.

Favorite thing about winter? Snow. Lies . Its all the seasonal foods that served during this time.

Scarves or Beanies? Beanies but I also LOVE long like 5 ft long scarves.

Favorite holiday movie? Any thing with snoopy or the old vintage movie that they have made before the animation we have now.

Favorite winter nail polish? Nailtini frappe or Opi Road House Blues or Black Berry Chutney

Favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink? Salted Caramel Mocha

What are your top 3 winter essentials? Gloves, hat and lots of lotion

Name one item on your wish list this year?Gift Cards to MAC

Favorite holiday song? I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Did you go Black Friday shopping this year? No!

Must have winter lip product? Caudalie lip conditioner. You cant be beat those grapes

Will you be rocking an ugly Christmas sweater this year? Nope, I had enough in the 80’s and 90’s

Have you ever had a white Christmas where you live? Yes. and its overated.

Favorite winter candle scent? Twisted Peppermint by Bath and Body works.

Join in on the tag Peeps.


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I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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2 Responses to Winter Wonderland Tag

  1. glitterbunnies says:

    Twisted peppermint smells soooo good! Great answers, I love all the Christmas Tags going around.

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