Veruca Salt: Christmas Shopping Part One

Hi Y’all,

Since there is going be impending doom starting January 1st (only on the blog), with my no buy,I  slightly went cray cray in a local mall in the DMV. Its Christmas, so I went to the Body Shop because I am missing their soap.I received coupons for Victoria Secret so I bought undies which I’m not showing. I had two coupons of  buy one  get something free up 12 bucks at BBW. So I bought my friend a candle and got a free hand soap and then bought 4 more soaps and got another free soap which I am giving someone at a Christmas party.I had also bought some eight dollar candles earlier in December which I was so happy about. My neo, my sorority sister , Simply Deketa, was so kind after seeing that I wanted the Kiehls eye cream she used in her YT video that she sent me a gift card. I bought a ton of product. I then had a Nordstrom triple point and I wanted to get a palette and some Mac wipes. I didn’t want to overspend on beauty. I hit up Trader Joe’s because I heard that they had some of the best frozen food so I bought some.I even hit up Old Navy and got some cheap winter sweaters.
This post will have Kiehls, BBW, Trader Joes and Body Shop. The second part in an upcoming post will be about Nordstrom and Old Navy.
So lets start with BBW:

Body Shop:
Trader Joes(I hear they have the best frozen food, so I gave them a try)


I wanted to say Happy Holidays to all of you.
Catch Ya later,

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