Project 10 Pan: Update on 2nd 10 Pan

Hey Guys and Dolls,
Sidenote: this post is so freaking old. I started this a year ago. I believe I have had the Fix plus for two years. Get me a pray circle.
I am coming to you because I wanted to give an update on the products that were old as hell. I am really trying to shop my stash in fun and different ways. This has really calmed down my need for buying the new and the lastest especially MAC with a new collection each week (sorta).
The second project 10 pan list:
1. Mac Fix+ Spray
2. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion
3. Clinique Clarifying Lotion
4. Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotion
5. One of my Queen collection natural hue foundation. I don’t want to reveal my new foundations so lets work on a slightly used foundation. Dont like the smell or color, wait till summer to darken back up. But I really hate it.
6. CO Bigelow Lemon and Pomegranate Lip cream
7. Maybelline One By One Volum’ Express
8. Sephora Aspen Summit Number 23 eye shadow (MINI-0.053)
9.Mini Sugar lip treatment-0.08 oz
10.Bath and Body works Exotic Coconut spray i have several sprays left.

I had to offically throw out the mascara because you cant keep mascara for too long. I also threw away the Sephora mini eyeshadow because I have not used it and it was old. I won a travel size of Fix+ Spray,so, I wont need to purchase the spray for right now. I have so many lip balms that it really took me forever to finish the lip balm i placed on this list. I have finished the Co Bigelow lipbalm and I am so happy because it is very hard to finish makeup products. All in all, I would consider this project 10 pan the most successful thus far (that is not true, I have finished other project 10 pan items in months, not years. Lawd!).Below, I have the photos of the finished balm and fix spray.


Catch ya later,

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