Random:My makeup collection

Hi Y’all,
I have been wanting to show you my makeup collection but taking photos of things I have shown before through series and different posts was too exhausting.Sue me ,I am lazy. So we will go through my collection via numbers.I believe I have shown you my eye shadow if you want to see pics of lipsticks, eyeshadows click here , here, here .
Single 60
Palette 11
Pigments 10
Eyeliner black:10
Colored :14
Eye paint 15
Eye crayon 12
Eyelashes :22
Limited edition eyeshadows:8
Mascara: 5
Lip Products:
Gloss 25
Lipstick 58
Lipliner 9
Limited edition:14
Face Product
Limited edition 1
Brow product: 1
Primers. 8
Concelear 7
Powder 4
Highlighter 5
Le Sigh! 363 products are in my beauty aresenal, we are not counting skincare just makeup. Join me on all of the weekly baskets, and empties post and rant posts that I will be doing in the upcoming year.
Catch ya later,

About 1reddiva83

I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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4 Responses to Random:My makeup collection

  1. i just did this too and counted everything up. i’m horrified and will be dedicating myself to bringing my numbers down this year!

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      I cant wait to read some of your post for the new year. I look back on some of the IMATS NYC purchases from the past two years and have not used half of the products I bought. Pray the odds will be in our favor. lol

  2. simplydeketa says:

    I will never count 😳😦 I don’t wanna know. I’m sure its a car or something lol

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