Project Tryout: Products I regret buying

Hi y’all,
I usually only do product empties. Most of the samples I get are OK. I have very few bad ones. However this post does not involve ipsy or birchbox. Its things are that I have purchased on my own. All of these items will be placed in my first ten pan of the new year.
1. Sephora favorites Summer stash. There were nine products for 45.00 dollars. I at first thought it was a good for forty five dollars but when I opened it up. I think it was only like two I could use.
1.urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray .5 fl oz
2. Nars Laguna Bronzing powder .06oz
3. Marc Jacobs lash gel volume mascara .09 oz
4. Occ stained gloss test tube 0.08 oz
5.Josie Maran coconut watercolor cheek Gelee in pink escape .095
6.Buxom divine goddess luminizer in Venus .23
7. Stila magnificent metals eye shadow in kitten 0.049
8. Mufe waterproof eyeliner .018 oz
9. Deborah lippman nail polish o.27 oz
I felt that a couple of the products like the Josie Maran and the Nars Laguna were not just for my skintone. The cheek gelee color didn’t transfer well on my cheeks and I was not light enough for bronzer. I also heard that you needed some type of adhesive for the pigment by stila but that wasn’t the bad part the product looked as if it was so oily that it was going to slide out when I opened it. The nail polish was very thick. When I applied it ,the nail polish had that sand feeling which may or not be a problem for some. I was left wondering what the hype was about. The nail polish even chipped in less than 24 hours. The samples were very small which I kind of expected but I think they could have increased some of the sizes by not including some products.
I think the best products were the bag, the occ lip tar and the Urban decay spray.
2. Body Shop Lip Butter in Chocomania. I have to say I only use it before bed because I want to get rid of the product and not be conscious using it. Now, it does not smell bad in the pot but it does not smell good when you apply on your lip. Maybe its my skin chemistry but it had a real chemical smell. while it is soft and feels thick it does not moisture the lips. I have dry lips and they are dryer by the second in the winter. I place this on my lips and it just soak in and leave your lips dryer than when you put it on the first gazillion times. Thats why I dont use this until I am in bed.


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13 Responses to Project Tryout: Products I regret buying

  1. Belinda says:

    Have you tried First Aid Beauty’s lip theray? Its AMAZING for dry lips. I use it once in the morning and once at night – so worth it.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      No I have not but I will put it on my list for 2016. I do have Bite beauty lip mask. I have tried fresh lip treatment and did not like it. I’m about to go into a no buy in 2 days

      • Belinda says:

        How have you liked the bite beauty lip mask? I’ve been contemplating picking it up. Good luck on the no buy….are you doing it for all of 2015? Props to you, I don’t think I would be strong enough to not buy anything for a whole year haha

      • 1reddiva83 says:

        I have not tried the mask yet. I am going between the caudalie lip conditioner which I love, body shop lip butter and Vaseline. When I get to it,I promise I will do a review

  2. Sarah's Colors MUAH says:

    Theres some blog missing I think… Stops with nr 3.

  3. Sarah's Colors MUAH says:

    Is there no text missing? It stops after the lip balm…

  4. That Marc Jacobs mascara is garbage. I also dont get the hype around the lip tars. I like Deborah Lippman, though.

  5. I have been contemplating buying this for the longest time and I am so glad that I didn’t waste my money on it!

  6. simplydeketa says:

    Reblogged this on simplydeketa's Blog and commented:
    One of my favorites from this blogger…. Lol I must do a similar video. I have some skincare products mainly I wanna do this for.

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