Project Tryout: BirchBox January 2015

Hi Y’all,
I am coming to you with the first BirchBox of the year. No, I did not give up on the subscription boxes just yet. This box is centered around a 31 day challenge( which is kinda funny cause the box comes in the middle of the month). Onto what I received.
1. Curly Hair Solutions. Curl Keeper Gel. Full size is 9.99 to 17.50. Its a waterbase formula that leaves hair crunch- free , frizz free with sleek, shiny curls. After styling apply gel to hair. I am going to keep this for the summer time when I wear my hair curly.
2. Karma Organic Spa. Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil Nail polish remover. full size is 12 dollars. It is a non toxic formula that dissolves polish while strengthening nails and cuticles. Soak a cotton ball with the remover and swipe over polish. I am almost done my regular polish remover so I will be excited to try this.
3. Manna Kadar. Lip Locked -All of you. Full Size is 24 dollars. All in primer, stain and gloss that is made with vitamins and berry extracts. Seep onto lips for long lasting color. I wished the color was darker this is going to take serious manipulation. Chestnut liner to the rescue.
4.Paula’s Choice. Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster. Full Size 35 dollars. Made with nine plant oils, this is for dry skin that fights redness and irritation. Smooth 2-3 drops on a clean face or you can add to your favorite moisturizer or serum. Technically winter ends in March but I most likely am going to need this up to April. I can not wait to finish my DDF serum .
5. Whish Three Wishes Body Butter-Lavender. Full Size is 24 dollars. Luscious ,antioxidant rich formula that firms ,softens and soothes. Smooth onto skin after showering . A little goes a long way. I hate Lavender and when I tried some, ooh God. I think I am going to compile a giveaway.
Check out photos.

Catch Ya later,

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