Project 10Pan :Mixed Bag of Empties

Hey Y’all,
I call empties project ten pan empties because I am on a perpetual ten pan ride with this blog and the objective is to use my items and slow down this constant gorging and hoarding. As you know I am on a no buy and all this products were not used in January. That would be great but it is so untrue. I have started using some of these products in November and December 2014.
So on with the show.
1.Maple Bacon chocopods. I shared this with my coworkers. At first we all we were asking about the bacon but we tasted it in the end. Would I purchase this full size . I would if it was dark chocolate I don’t like milk chocolate.
Would I purchase this ?No. Would I purchase this as a gift for someone who love trying new things ? Yes
2. Morelia Monarch Glycerine Hand Therapy. This is a nice and creamy hand cream. It has a great smell that slowly dissipates and does not really get in the way of your perfumes. I would purchase if I didnt have a ton of hand creams.
Would I purchase? Yes. I would. I like how it soaked into my hands and I liked the scent.
3. ChapStick ultra. I liked it l. The smell, it had didn’t stale or get this weird smell once you lips touched it. I really think its perfect in a jam. I would repurchase if I’m out of lipbalms. I mean chapstick is forever.
4.Body shop scrub sample in shea butter.I have never tried the body scrubs yet I bought tons of them because it was on sale. So before using it with the gloves which I have tried the gloves before and now want to combine them. I love the oilness of the scrub. I would repurchase after I used the Body shop travel sizes that I have bought and never used.
5. Nourish moisturizing face wash(Ipsy). I started using this face wash in Panama with my mom. Both of us have dry skin and felt the face wash was very creamy. We had no complaints about dry skin. Now, I smelled the face wash smell through out the day. I would repurchase this.
6. Eucerin Everyday Protection face lotion. This lotion was thick and if you didn’t rub it in well enough you would like you didn’t wash your face but Its really good. I wore it on the jawline when I was wearing my face broke out. I would repurchase in the fall/winter.
7. Air Repair rescue balm All purpose skin balm and lip balm. Because if the size of the sample I used it on my lips. Oh my God, this is not the bomb. I should have used it on my skin. It just made my lips feel more dry. I really would not repurchase this.
8. BBW Vanilla Snowflake Candle. This candle smells so good if you love vanilla as a smell. I would repurchase but it will next year. Its limited to the season.

9. Eucerin Hand Lotion. This was a hand lotion that was in a goodie bag at a sorority event. I would compare it to Morelia gylercin hand therapy. To me it was not as “wet”. However once it dried, it did have that slippery feel to my hands. I like that feeling , its like a sign that my hands are my cracked and dry. Would I repurchase. Maybe, after all the hand and body lotions.
10. BBW Foaming Hand lotion Iced Gingerbread. These are now $3 dollars and put them in my bathroom. I love them because of the scents but they can be quite drying.
Catch ya later,

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