Project 10 Pan: Product Graveyard

dead to me2
Hi Yall,
I have made a new subject section in my project ten pan category. I have come to terms with things going bad when you have a collection that you hoard. So in my way , I am going to let you know what things went bad before I could use it or finish them.They’re dead to me! Lets Go!
1. Pacifica Island Vanilla. The scent turned on me. It smelled like it was the perfume but with an inky after smell. The color of the product was clear and then it turned to the color of pee.
2. Benefit They’re real. I put a date of June 29, 2014. Yeah I am not putting this on my lashes. However, when I did wear it , it kind of made my eyes feel a bit irritated.
3. Sephora Lip gloss in Dazzling Violet Reflex. I have nothing bad to say about this gloss except I wish I knew about it sooner and used it more. Unfornately, it would have been hanging out in my lipstick collection getting older because I never pulled it out. So Sad!

4. TokyoMilk Dark Lip Elixir made with bee balm and jasmine. It is in the variety of salted caramel. heard a lot of talk about this lip balm, people buying but no ra ra reviews. Well I am going to tell you how I feel about it. I don’t like the casing, its not like the rose salve where there is a lip to open and close. Once when I tried to close it I cut my finger and opening the container is not an easy thing to do. Second and most important that top of the balm has this glue like consistency that was just gross. I didn’t like it so I had put it away for months. Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago , I kind of stuck my finger in it and below the glue like balm is a most softer less glue like consistency. The feel on my lips was moisturizing or hydrating and the smell as very loud . So into the trash it will go.


Catch ya later,

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