Project Tryout: I Got a Vox Box

Hi Yall,

I received an Influenster Refresher Vox Box. I am really pumped to get one but know there is nothing free in this world. Everything you get has some cost. I have to review and complete tasks to get points.I am creating reviews based on the products they have.This time none of the reviews were required to be in a blog post but I wanted to bring it to your attention.

The items I received are:
1. Beanitos Chips Restaurant Style and Nacho Cheese.
2. Skinny Girl Tasty Nutrition Bar
3. Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation in Tan
4. L’occtaine Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream
5. Organ Certified Nutrition Shakes Coupon
6. Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque
7. Listerine Pocket Pacs
8. Dentek Flossers (2)

The first items that I tried were Beanitos and the Dentek Flossers .I usually like to make multiple post for the items that I received.
I tried the Beanitos Chips with my dad and my mom. My mom did not like the Nacho cheese so she did not stick around for the followup chip tasting.
My dad, however, loved both chips and below I am including his photo and review.
I loved the chips. I thought it was a great alternative to regular potato chips. I would purchase the Beanitos chips if they were on sale or if I had a coupon.
FYI, if you would like to send chips for the chip expert (my dad) to give you an honest review, you are more than welcome to. He does not discriminate between homemade or commercial chips.
Chip Expert Aka Chip Slogan: You know I know chips

Chip Expert Aka Chip
Slogan: You know I know chips

My father’s review:
The first thing he said was these chips do not taste like cardboard or like they use 30 cent corn. He also said it does not taste like a pre fab chip (i guess he is talking about the 100 calorie chip)
He commented that there was no aftertaste and that it tasted very natural. When specifically speaking of the nacho cheese, he said the flavors were mixing perfectly and that the Beanitos is a very dippable chips. Again if you have any chips you would like him to try , please email me.
Catch me later,

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