Random: Speedy Delivery

Hi Y’all,
Sidenote: Speedy delivery came from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I loved that show which showed on public television. If you have children or if you like public tv ,please support these shows. Ok, now to the good stuff.
My mom finally brought my parcel over for me. Today, we were off at the same time so we hung out. Now, Borghese sent me some items to try out. I did not contact them but I did accept their items. You can purchase the items on Borghese.com (click here) or the lipgloss on bloomingdales.com (click here)
These are the items I received:
1. Borghese Shadow and Light Luminous Eye Palette. This is a 12 shade palette. The description on the back says that it luminous to dark and dare to stare shades. You see a combination between matte ,pearl and luminous finishes. Retails for 55 dollars.
The colors and the descriptions are from the Borghese website:
Bask – a light, warm-toned creamy-beige with a satin-matte finish.
Afterglow – a warm-toned medium-beige with a highly metallized.
Pulse – a warm-toned, soft-peach, highly metallized.
Veil – a cool neutral soft-brown with a satin-matte finish.
Muse – a burnished gold with brown undertones, highly metallized.
Ascend – a light, soft-tan with yellow undertones, satin-matte finish.
Wane – a rich medium brown with warm undertones, satin-matte finish.
Impact – a medium rose-copper, highly metallized.
Downfall – a dark brown with depth, matte finish.
Out There – a medium pewter, highly metalized.
Shroud – a deep charcoal-grey with blue undertones, highly metallized.
Immortal – a deep charcoal-black with subtle silver glitter
2. Borghese Five Shades of Sultry Eyeshadow. This palette only has five shades which is a warm palette. Retails for 29.00
Lit– a light white-silver metallic pearl.
Vapor– a medium grey, blue overtones, metallic pearl.
Smolder– a dark smoky charcoal, high frost finish.
Fume– true black, matte finish.
Scorch– medium, glitter-laden graphite-grey.
3. Borghese Five Shades of Torrid Eye Shadow. This is a five shade cool palette. Retails for 29.00 dollars
Wisp – a light, matte-finish ivory.
Kindle- a soft champagne taupe, satin-pearl finish.
Stoke– a medium brown, warm undertones, matte-finish.
Sear- a deep brown, matte-finish.
Torch– a medium champagne, pink overtones, highly metallized.
4. Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGloss Lip GlossIn Spark. There is no definition for this color. I would drescribe it a taupe color with silver pearl.Reatils for 21 dollars.
5. Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGloss in Darkling . Darkling as a color is not describe but I would describe it as a rich deep wine. Retails for $21.00
6. Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGloss in Brightside. Birghtside could be described as a golden lip gloss with silver pearl. . Reatils for $21 dollars
7. Borgese Professional Select The Essential Double -Ended Cosmetic Brush Collection
The brushes in the collection sent are:
Powder and Angle Blush Brush
Foundation and Concealer Brush
Flat Eyeliner &Smokey Liner Brush
Eyeshadow &Dome Smudge
This brush set retails for 39.00 dollars
8. Borghese Linea Preccisa Liquid Eyeliner. The description on the website is: Simple crisp outlines, to sweeping dramatic strokes of definition, this precision-tip liqui-liner provides color when you want it, where you want it. Easy application and total control, it’s color-true and won’t fade, flake, budge or smudge
Retails for 19.00 dollars
Check out the photos.

Catch ya later,

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2 Responses to Random: Speedy Delivery

  1. Belinda says:

    It’s so nice that you and your mom seem to have a nice, close relationship :). I too loved Mr Rogers, as well as many other public television shows. Now that I have kids, they watch public television frequently as I find the content to focus less on consumerism and more in teaching valuable life lessons.

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