Project Tryout: Red Carpet Look Featuring Borghese Cosmetics

Hi Y’all,
Sidenote: I am not being paid for this post. I am not being paid to use the product. The makeup did not come with instructions or things I needed to do to fulfill their tasks like a Vox Box. They did have something that said show us your red carpet look which I feel its the least I can do for getting makeup.
The Oscars are coming and I really am not into the Oscars as I am into the red carpet. So when I Borghese Cosmetics sent me some of their products, I saw the lip glosses and thought they are perfect for a red carpet look. The reason why was because I was thinking of last years red carpet with Kerry Washington. She had a dark lip and the makeup was minimal. This year Viola Davis had a similar look but she was highlighted to the GAWDS.
Here are some photos of my inspirations for makeup at the Oscars.

Check out my look.

Catch Ya later,

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6 Responses to Project Tryout: Red Carpet Look Featuring Borghese Cosmetics

  1. I actually like themakeup, you should try it with a darker lipcolor though… !! btw I just love your skin , its so clear and beautiful ❤

  2. Kushite Prince says:

    Beautiful pics! You’re a very nice looking woman. 🙂

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