Project Tryout: Over the week Samples

Hi Yall,
I have been loving picking through this sample drawer because I really don’t want to do these eyeshadow post. I have been trying to try ,lol. Anyway, here are the samples I have tried.
Derma doctor KP duty. You know ladies I am in the dry , flaky skin brigade. While, I don’t necessarily have chicken skin I do have a pattern that looks like fish scales. Don’t judge.I didn’t find the lotion to do much of anything. However, I am going to try it on my elbows.
2.Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. This is a great spray for oily skin. I hear a lot of comments on the YT about it . I have more dry skin and I feel like for my dewy foundations it keeps the makeup on and therefore the glow is still on 8 for the entire day.
3. Yu Be moisturizing cream . I could only use it once on my legs and arms. It has a medicinal smell. It only took one to two uses so I had it in an empties post before I had it on here. You see the photo here.
4. Urban Decay Prep Spray. I tried this instead of my Stila primer. Is it better?It something I would want to purchase? Meh. I am not sure.
5. Not Soap, Radio Body wash. Joy Inducing. I actually like the smell. On the back of the bottle, it says “Can’t seem to turn that frown upside down? Do the words “cheer up” make you want to slap someone hard?” LOL. I do like the lemony smell , reminds me of a scent my mother would love.
6. Biore Cleansing Strip. Oh I love these but I love them even more in free samples from magazines. Would I purchase? Yes, I have a blackhead problems on my nose which is like a minefield of both dry and oily skin.
7. Nivea In shower Body Lotion. This is another sample from Cosmo magazine . I will have to say that it is quite perfumey. It felt quite oily but left a soft sheen to my skin. I did like the results but be careful, it leaves the tub quite slippery. So much so that I washed out my tub after using the product.
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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