Random: Speedy delivery +Giveaway

Hi Y’all,
I received another package from Borghese cosmetics. This time it was all lipsticks.The lipsticks that came to me where from the Color Struck Lipstick collection. What I do like about the lipstick just off looking and swatching is the color, the packaging of the lipsticks and the smell,what I’m on the fence about is all the sparkle. However,I do want to shoe you the lip products which can be picked up from these stores. The colors are described as multi-dimensional infusion of pigment and pearl for a fuller lip illusion . Shine, smooth, creamy, radiant.
The colors are:
is a matte dark brownish red color. 
is a  red with gold shimmer.
is a magneta color with a gold shimmer 
is a light orange color with a gold shimmer 
is a sparkly pink red with a gold shimmer
Is a light brown nude
Check out the photos below

Now I do have a surprise. Yes,one person will receive the nude lipstick called Edge from the collection. You have to follow this blog,comment below with your email address and you will get the lipstick.
Catch ya later,

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4 Responses to Random: Speedy delivery +Giveaway

  1. stashmatters says:

    I’m commenting not because I want to win the lipstick (I do NOT need any more makeup!) but I wanted to say, I agree, with you, I’m not a fan of the sparkle / glitter in lipsticks either. I feel that they look dated and may accentuate any fine lines or imperfections on the lips. I do have to say though, I think Beyond looks amazing! It would like great on you with a simple eye w/ strong eyeliner look.

  2. Maria B says:

    I find glittery lipsticks hard to wear, but I love them on other people! I won’t be entering the giveaway but I want to wish everyone good luck! 😊

  3. mortbane says:

    So pretty! xstarrx@gmail.com Sign me up!

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