Project 10 Pan :Product Graveyard III

Hi Y’all,
This is another episode of product graveyard and I the find part of this whole series is finding cool pictures/gifs that symbolizes this moment. A moment like this (Kelly Clarkson circa 2002). This is basically the series of my hard earned money being thrown away. I actually like this better than the empties post because I can see what I am not using. Why I dont like it and if I should give it another chance.
1.Mary Kay lip liner in clear. I forgot about the lipliner like I do everything else. This is a great liner if you don’t need to plump lips just to create a base.
2. NYX Eyeshadow base in White Pearl. This is something I bought on a whim but never used. I found it when I was looking to take photos of my eyeshadow bases. When I found it the top was not screwed on tight. Typical Ericca.
3.BBW Fresh Vanilla. The color in the bottle looks like a dark brown, the spray has long expired and the top is missing. This is not a surprise to me because I have been hoarding so many BBW body sprays and I have been trying to work on perfumes.
4.Body shop chocomania lip butter. Not all lip butters are created equal. This lip butter had little air pockets and product that stuck together giving this bumpy feeling. Like I said in previous post, it was not moisturizing. I also didn’t like when I tried to use it again ,it felt stuff not creamy at all. This is going in the trash
5. Glam Natural Mascara. We all know that mascara lasts three months from when you start using it. This one is natural , so I am unsure it would keep after not having used it but a couple of times after 6 months. Has it gone bad from just sitting on the self? I used it once or twice, can I still use it? Since I am so unsure about the mascara that I am going to chuck it.
6. Tarina Taratino paint pot. I never pulled this out after purchasing it from the sale bin at Sephora.I thought I liked the deep eggplant color. I never used the color and when I tried to apply it to my wrist it was quite hard. I could not blend it out ,so in the trash it goes.
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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4 Responses to Project 10 Pan :Product Graveyard III

  1. stashmatters says:

    Well done! It’s SO difficult to purge but it’s quite liberating. I have to be in a certain mood to do this.
    Love that image too *sob!*

  2. stashmatters says:

    Hiya, I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog a lot!

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