Project Tryout; Face of the Day 5/7/15

Hi Yall,
I am here with another face of the day. To me,a face of the day is like is another way to show you I am using my makeup.It is getting hot over in the DMV and the pollen count is high. I did not want to aggravate my allergies by piling it on. Sometimes my skin itches and acts badly and with all the sneezing and sniffles can really shift and smudge things, so,  I kept it light. However, I forgot about my concealer , my under eye looks a lot darker.
My Face:
After cleansing, toner and moisturizer, I used:
Pixi Flawless and Poreless Primer
Mac Face and Body in C7
Mac Skinfinish in Deep
Mac Lovejoy (very light)
Brows: Mac Spiked Brow Pencil
Covergirl Intensify Eye liner
Dose of Color Berry Me
Check out the photo. Oh, what you wear on high pollen count days?
Catch Ya later,

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I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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11 Responses to Project Tryout; Face of the Day 5/7/15

  1. rachandmer says:

    Great color on you!

  2. stashmatters says:

    Rock that lipstick! And the MAC F&B looks amazing on you – your skin looks very natural.
    Ugh, my allergies are terrible right now – I stick to BB Creams.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      Thank you for the compliment. I love bb creams as well. If i have my primer or corrector on. omg . i can rock a bbcream almost anywhere. Face and body is excellent the only problem is that when summer is full swing, I will have to alter the shade or use my mac moisture finish. MAC Face and Body is only for the end of fall into winter to early spring.

  3. Love this look! I suffer from awful allergies as well, it is such a struggle sometimes to find the right makeup combination that won’t make my skin itch and will stay put throughout the day. I have had really great luck with the Nars all day luminous weightless foundation on my bad allergy days, i’ve never tried the MAC face and body, i’ll have to check it out as another option.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      Did you say your were NC45, you may wear face and body in C7 better than me. I feel like its light, angelic and comfortable to wear. I really want to try NARS foundations but I’m on no buy. I will have to get some samples. Could you do a review or your impressions on the foundation?

      • Yes I am an NC45, we have one MAC store and its at the other end of the island so the next time I am in the city I am definitely going to check out the face and body (thanks for the recommendation!). I will definitely do a review on the NARS Foundation next week. I’m still getting the hang of WordPress so I didn’t even know that you replied back to my comment until I was playing around with the Admin features of my account today, hopefully I’ll get the hang of this soon. 🙂

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