Random: Jury Duty

Hi y’all,
I went to jury duty yesterday. I was ready. I was more than excited. I was pumped even after talking to my Uber driver who said I could get a murder trial. Those he said were tough but its your duty to serve. He sounded like my mom who was proud to be in the country and would do anything as an American. I was that way until I say the defendant’s face. I was ready to free or convict in good conscience. When I saw him, I saw a kid. We didn’t get to hear his charges because he pleaded out but I definitely could feel that he was scared. I would be scared if I saw 100 people that could be my potential staring at me. I sat there in the cold, watching as the two attorneys spoke while he listened intently. The lawyer spoke to him in semi private and we the jury worried about how cold it was and I worried about why there wasn’t any donuts offered as my boyfriend told me there would be. Later talking to a fellow jury member, we wondered where his family was,why didn’t someone help him iron his shirt and wow ,he looked young and afraid. I realized over and over I was afraid. Could I really take his life? What did he do? And was he being treated fairly?
I am no longer so excited about jury duty. Its not the cold rooms, the wait ,the fifteen bucks they give and then take out my check. Its the pressure that I’m doing the right thing.
Catch ya later,

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9 Responses to Random: Jury Duty

  1. stashmatters says:

    Oh, I’d love to get called for jury duty! People think I’m weird. It’s our civic duty.
    Sounds like it was quite an eye opening experience. I really hate how they plead most of the cases out due mainly to fear and intimidation. That kid you saw probably didn’t weigh ALL his options – just did what he was told by his lawyer.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      That’s what my lead worker said, the intimidation factor can play a huge part. I still love jury duty, I just take it more seriously now that I know I am judging someone who is real.

  2. mortbane says:

    I was so scared this year when the paper said they’d sent out 800+ summons for the Eddie Routh trial, because I hadn’t updated my address. I was just sure I’d get one sent to my old place and miss it. The fine here is $50/day for each day the trial lasts, and I knew that one could go on for a while. Luckily, I’ve been getting my forwarded mail (even though it arrives almost a month late) and a summons never came through.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      wow, That was a huge trial. they make you pay for not serving in your district. eekkk! All they do here is wait for the next summons and then they send a bench warrant

      • mortbane says:

        Yeah, Texas is pretty strict about jury duty. My boyfriend went to one and saw them send a guy to the store for pants because he showed up in shorts. He told them he didn’t have nice pants, those were the nicest things he owned, and they said “You can go buy some pants or you can go home and pay the $50 for failure to appear, and the $50 a day after that.” He showed back up with his shorts in a walmart bag.

      • 1reddiva83 says:

        wow! Thats crazy. we are allow to wear jeans and casual wear here. I would call someone before I buy pants. So did you seat on the jury for that or did you miss it?

      • mortbane says:

        I didn’t get picked for it. I’m glad. The whole thing has driven a wedge in my family. My mom’s a Fox News junkie and she thinks Chris Kyle was a saint and I’m on the side where I don’t feel particularly bad for what happened. Routh had mental issues and it was totally foolish for Kyle to take him to a shooting range especially given that he was texting the other guy on the way to the shooting range “Wow, this guy is nuts!” Like, turn the truck around and get this guy some help, don’t continue with the plan.

      • 1reddiva83 says:

        Im in between. He was not a saint but he died and the killer must pay in some way. However the system for vets need to be changed.

      • mortbane says:

        I agree he needs some form of punishment because he was aware he was causing harm. I’m just one of the Texans that would rather avoid the death penalty (except for people who hurt children; I’ll pull the trigger myself).

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