Project Tryout:Purlisse soy cleanser

Hi Y’all,
I recently read Sharon Beauty Prime’s review on the Purlisse soy cleanser and decided to do my own.The actual name is Pur-lisse pur delicate gentle soy milk cleanser and makeup remover 4 in 1. The bottle says its sulfate free and non drying , gently washes away dirt and makeup even mascara. Soothes and tone skin and its made for all skin types.
Now, I used this cleanser after wearing my full skincare routine which included a serum and eye cream as well as wearing it without makeup about two weeks. I only documented two experiences.
On 4/7/15.On my face makeup wise I was wearing:
Pixi flawless and poreless primer
Mac conceal and correct burnt coral around eyes and lips
Mac Face and Body C7
Mac peach twist blush
Nyx eyebrow shaper
Noir long wear eyeliner in forever
Marc Jacobs mascara in blacquer
I wore this face for about 12 hours. So I was ready to get the makeup off.
I wet my face with lukewarm water then I applied the cleanser. The cleanser does not foam which I am used to because I have Cera Ve cleanser and there isn’t any foam. I applied the cleanser in circular motions and there is a light smell, its sort of on the side floral but not as floral scented as a Lancome product.
When I was cleansing my skin I saw that the makeup was moving around but the area under my eye was not budging. I had to continue rubbing for a while which isnt really good for your undereye area. Another issue was the mascara and the eyeliner both were very hard to remove so much so that I had to use a triple cleansing water to remove the mascara and eyeliner after using the cleanser which says is made for eye makeup. If you get this in your eye which will happen because you are removing eyeliner and mascara, this will BURN. I would rather have the cleansing water in my eye than this. It burns like soap and continues to burn. You will be rinsing alot. There was also sections closer to my hair line and jaw that require the triple cleansing water.
When I was finished I used my toner and it was still residue from my face left from the makeup.
So, I have tried the cleanser again ,days later , without having makeup on and I felt the cleanser would have to do a lot less work since I was only using toner, a serum , eye cream and moisturizer. I was expecting the cleanser to take off all my skincare with any dirt. After, using cotton pads on my skin to apply the toner, I notice the cotton balls to be quite dark. It led me to believe that the cleanser was not working.
I must say that there are some positive points to this cleanser besides the eye burn or the lack of clean I felt I received. One, if you are sensitive skin, have skin irritation, this cleanser will not exacerbate it . My under eye can get really irritated when rubbed especially in this high pollen season but using the soy cleanser, I didn’t feel like it made the problem worse. No irritation. Secondly, it wont dry out your skin. There is a very milky feeling when using this cleanser.I felt it was comparable to CeraVe cleanser in how it left my skin feeling soft.However, this does not leave a film on the face like the CeraVe Cleanser. I can not say that I would purchase this cleanser (I received it in a Ipsy subscription box) but if you are someone with dry, sensitive skin I would recommend this to you. You will just need a good toner.
Check out the photos of the cleanser, my dirty cotton swab after using Purlisse soy cleanser.

Catch Ya later,

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2 Responses to Project Tryout:Purlisse soy cleanser

  1. stashmatters says:

    Oh I can’t use ANY cleansers that burn my eyes – NOPE! Don’t they test this stuff?
    Since it’s ineffective in removing makeup – maybe this is a good one to use in the mornings. That’s what I do – any cream type cleansers I use in the mornings just to remove excess sebum and my night time skincare. But NO eye burning preferably!

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      Yes, I would never use this to remove eye makeup. It burned like Hell. I agree this is a facial cleanser for waking up and removing nightly skin care.

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