Project Tryout: New Hair

Hi Ya’ll,
I am here to show you my new hair color. I am now a member of the ginger club. When I was younger I loved Debra Messing’s hair color and then I found out that was not Debra’s real hair color, I know , shocker, it looks so good on her.So from 1998 -2006 I was loving this hair color but never tried it. Ten years go by ( since the finale episode) and I see a Black girl with a red hair and I decided to dive in.
The stylist who did my hair is Marques from the Style Lab In Baltimore.
Check out the photos of me in black hair and in red hair.
Catch ya later,

About 1reddiva83

I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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3 Responses to Project Tryout: New Hair

  1. mortbane says:

    When it comes to hair color, I say always try it. Of course I feel responsible for one friend’s constant change from blue to purple to green, because years ago she told me she didn’t have the guts to try anything like the cherry red streaks I had. I told her to go for it, and everyone told me what a bad influence I was on her because her husband didn’t want her to color it. If love is so fragile that hair color can take it away, it’s not love. Always try it.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      You are quite bold. I would have to agree with you, if he cant love her in all her hair color changes , they have a problem. You know hopefully, after I get over the shock because this happen over the weekend, i will be skipping around the city like mary tyler moore

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