Project 10Pan: One Time Samples

Hi Yall,
I have been loving my sample drawer. Its a placeholder for the constant samples that I take from stores, magazines, and sephora samples with purchase. I really love the samples from magazines before they are really just for one or two uses and I can see if I want to try more. Anyway these are the samples I tried in a flash:
1. Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum. This really reminded me of a deodorant secret powder fresh to be exact. Please Chanel aficionados , please do not kill me. Of course I splayed all over my face and chest but the scent was heavy to me. I would not purchase.
2. Lancôme energie de vie . This is was the exact opposite of being powdery like the Chanel sample, it had a very mature scent to it but I felt my face was puffed up. I felt very young. I would buy it as a more mature lady. I would not purchase now. Maybe in the future.
3. Theirry Mugler Alien Perfume sample. I received this from a magazine sample. I with more perfume companies who do this because this way I really can try out the perfume. Its only five squirts and beats rubbing your wrists against the edge of the magazine. I would purchase it.
4. YSL Tint in oil. At first I though this sample was a waste of time . However, I placed it on, it went on very shiny  with a rosy tint and dried down to the little bit of a natural rosy tint. The smell was like candy watermelon.Would I purchase this. No.I am a matte lipstick girl.
5. Bio Republic Pomegranate Crush Illuminating fiber Mask. I used this after exfoliating my face. I liked how my skin looked after the mask and exfoliation  and I also liked how it felt. I did not like the scent, very chemical like fake pomegranate. I would not purchase.
ipsy birchbox 003
6. SkinnyGirl Tasty Nutrition Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter with Sea Salt. I really dont like nutrition bars but I must say this did not taste half bad.
7. Forever 21 Cucumber Sheet Mask. I placed this on after I used glam glow youth treatment. I did not like this. I felt like it burned on the outer perimeter of my face and I had not place any glam glow there. The smell of cucumber was OK, I have smelled better.wpid-20150613_094824.jpg
8. Glamglow Bright Mud Eye Treatment. I only try this product once. Did I get a whole she bang, eyes depuffed, circles gone. Nope. But if you want to have a spa day and want to have something placed nice of your skin for about 10 minutes while you have a mask done, than do it.
9. Glam glow Supermud Clearing.I loved it. I thought it tone down a lot of pimples that were feeling deep in my chin area. I did see a bit of improvement around my nose. I love the product more for spot treatment vs covering my entire face with it. I also like that I did not feel like my skin was on fire, like with other clay mask.
10. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Clothes. I finally used this sample because my parents were coming to pick me after jury duty. I was in a room that were was an industrial fan but when I was outside, I was sweating bullets. So after the in and out, I had a very sticky sweaty feel. I went home pulled out the refesh wipe and swished it across my chest, around my neck and stomach. I felt one wipe was good enough to get the sweaty feeling off. I would purchase.

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4 Responses to Project 10Pan: One Time Samples

  1. I liked the way Alien smelled! And dang you can see the face mask work! Esp the mud one

  2. stashmatters says:

    Haha Chanel usually smell like old lady – it’s typical for them. I tend to stay away for that reason. I think I have one of their skin cream samples somewhere too.
    I’m interested in trying one of those oil tints – Clarins makes one too. It’s right up my alley!
    Haha nice selfies with the sheet mask and mud mask! 😛

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