Project Tryout:Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser

Hi Y’all,
I am here to do a review on Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser. I really wanted to do a super duper professional review but I have not gotten to that point in my blogging career, so if you want one of those definitely go to beautypedia on Paula’s Choice’s website.
Lets start when I started using it: I bought this cleanser in the dead of winter. I felt that I needed something more moisturizing. My skin felt dry and I was using a cleanser that was making my skin feel super tight.
Now, when I bought the hydrating cleanser I really hadn’t heard about it like you hear about Embryolisse. This is this cleanser says:
Ideal for use on the face and body.
Ceramides help repair the skin barrier
Hydraluronic acid attracts needed moisture
Emollients moisture and softens very dry skin
The pros of using this cleanser was :
Non drying
It would not irritate my skin
Felt like my skin was supple and was able to allow treatments skin into my skin.
It does not irritate my eye area.
There is not any flowery smell, or even a chemical smell. It reminds me of those dermatologist lotions that are sold in the pharmacy.
The consistency of the CeraVe is that is lotion like. It does not foam and when smoothed out, it will turn from opaque to almost clear.
The cons to me were:
Did not remove makeup so well. I felt like it pushed around the foundation and when I rinsed of the cleanser, it was still on my face. I used a micelar water to remove foundation or something more stringent afterwards.
If your skin changes from season to season like dry to dry combination , you will definitely feel like the oil is piling up.
The consistency of the CeraVe is that is lotion like. It does not foam and when smoothed out, it will turn from opaque to almost clear.
You will need a exfoliate at the end of the week like clock work because you will feel like your skin has slickness to it.
Final Thoughts:
This is a great cleanser for someone who has dry, skin or even irritated skin. I definitely would recommend as something that would be apart of your winter time routine.Not only that but the bottle of Cera Ve is worth the price. Look how huge that bottle is for a price that could run from 8 dollars to 12 dollars depending on where you buy it from. Yes, I did feel the consistency was a pro and a con. Even if I have dry skin, I still want to see bubbles but I know that bubbles comes from a chemical that could dry out my skin.
Check out the photos below.

Catch ya later,

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3 Responses to Project Tryout:Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser

  1. stashmatters says:

    I find most creamy / lotion like non-foaming cleansers to not clean makeup very well. This could be a good morning cleanser when there’s no makeup to remove.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      I agree. I also did a review on Purlisse and felt the same way. These creamy cleansers are so for bare skin. I definitely would take it with me on vacation after being in the sun for so long and needed something that would not aggravate the skin even more.

  2. Thanks for doing this review. I have been wanting to try cerave cleansers for the longest. Now I know the hydrating one is better for winter!

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