Project10Pan: Product Graveyard IV.

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Hi Ya’ll
I have another installment of product graveyard post as well as another cool funeral gif. I am using products fast enough. Now, most of my skincare and makeup is put in containers and that are not clear so that light and heat can not speed up the deterioration process but still I have things to show you.
1. Jersey Shore Sans Tan . Its a pure white mineral sunscreen and it separated before I could get to it.

2. CoverGirl Queen Collection Lipstick in Berry Bling. I really was so so on the color. The smell was really the reason I never wore it, it was very chemical smelling. Applying it to the lips was even worse. It felt like small stones were in it.

3.PUR big lash . I am throwing this away because I have used it and its beyond its three months. When I did use it I felt like my eye itched I took anti allergy medication to wear it. No Good!
Did I say it would leave a ring on my under eye. Uggh
4. MakeUp Forever (MUFE) HD Blush in #12( first kiss). This one came in a pump, MUFE has now changed the design of these blushes and they come in a compact. The reason I never used it was because I was really behind the hype.The pump did break and it was down hill from there. So from the pump breaking and the air getting in it for the past two years, its going in the trash. However that did not stop me from buying another one a year or so ago. yeah. that was dumb because I have not opened it.

5.MAC stars and Rockets eyeshadow. This has been one of the hardest eyeshadows for me to work with. One, I am more of a neutral girl and two, I find that they eyeshadow never worked the way I wanted and maybe that is because of my first reason. I also broke the eyeshadow so all its been doing is sitting in my palette spreading dust.
makeup june 005
6. MAC Satin Taupe. Another crumbly eyeshadow that I never use. I like the idea of satin taupe. This was actually the first color I was given when trying on makeup. I have another full size satin taupe, so instead of it mixing with the other eyeshadows I am throwing it away.
makeup june 004
7. Beauty Protector Protect& Condition Leave In Conditioner. I didn’t use it and it went bad. Real bad like changed colors and smelled. So chucking it.

Catch ya later,

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8 Responses to Project10Pan: Product Graveyard IV.

  1. stashmatters says:

    Ooh too bad that MUFE blush pump broke! I’ve heard good things about them.
    I LOVE Satin Taupe! Too bad it doesn’t work for you. For the broken shadows, can you just dump them into a little jar and use them as loose eye shadows instead?
    I hate it when products go bad before I get a chance to use them up!

  2. simplydeketa says:

    I love both of those eye shadows… I would think you’d love Satin Taupe.

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      I know I have another one but it’s just not working for me for years. Maybe it’s my skills maybe its my skin tone or the colors I use with it. Uggh don’t know.

  3. I love the queen collection lippies!!!

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