Project Tryout: 15 Days

Hi Y’all,

I am here to bring you from M’s experience from Strivectin (if you would like some back story checkit  here.)She has been using it since the fifteenth of June and still says that she was still use it until the last drop. I asked some questions about her experience and if you would like to ask her some questions, please leave it in  the comment section below.
Here are my questions for her:
How did you feel about the cream?
M: I felt like it done more for my neck than for my face. Your neck is just as important.
Where did you place the product?
M: On my hands, face and neck. I only placed it on my hands at night because I wash my hands constantly and didn’t want the product to wash off. I put the cream on my face and neck  am and pm where I felt it was needed.
How did you like the smell?
M: There wasn’t any smell to me
Have you done anything to your routine?
M:I have stopped using Timewise serum. I wanted to know if this was making the improvement or the Timewise serum.
Did you feel like it made a difference?
M:In my face,not that much,I don’t feel like it works on deep creases.
Will you continue using it?
M: Yes, I will.
We both had similar experiences , we felt that our neck and hands looked lovely. I did smell a kind of mint smell. I also feel like it may work as a prevention cream than a wrinkle fighter but we are willing to try another 30 days.
Check out the photos below.Do you see a difference? You can compare photos from clicking here again.

Catch ya later,


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