Project Tryout: What I am Using/Giving Away

Hi y’all,
I’m back with a few things that I wanted to share out my drawer.
I have so many samples I want to get rid of that I have gave some away to a co worker and I have a post coming up with some samples and a cool tint eyeshadow.
So back to the drawer, I have picked a few items I wanted to try out my drawer which hopefully will translate to sample empties.
1. Fresh Black Tea Age delay eye cream.This is the name that I need in all my products. Age delay….. moisturizer, hair gel. LOL. I find it to be creamy but not like the Kiehl’s eye cream.
2. Guerlain Abeille Royale face oil treatment. I mean its Geurlain the name itself, hello. Of course this is the most wasteful sample because its an oil in a tear away packaging..I will probably use it 3 times and will not be able to give you anything
3.ChapStick Hydration Lock in vanilla cream. This was in a Birchbox sample. I got off my mojito lip balm obsession and before finding my rose balm opened up the chapstick. I feel like its between rose balm and the mojito lip balm. I think this is the second longest held on to beauty product besides the fresh product.
4. Korres Vitamin E Primer. Thick, creamy. It is quite moisturizing. Its thicker than the Pixi Flawless primer.
Check out the photos of the samples and check out the in house giveaway.

In House Giveaway:

Catch Ya later,

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2 Responses to Project Tryout: What I am Using/Giving Away

  1. blushandsuch says:

    I’ve tried the “Fresh” moisturizer too, I enjoyed it, but I passed on purchasing a full sized jar.

  2. Love anything Jouer!

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