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Hi Yall, I am so proud that I am fulfilling the calling of this blog and being  able to provide a dear diary of my trash. LOL. This post for my sample empties are only from my subscription boxes , not from sephora or nordstrom samples. I think that’s a lie but I made most of the post subscription empties.
1.Essentiel Elements Wakeup Rosemary Shower Gel. I could of sworn this was not rosemary but some mint /eucalyptus. It was what I wanted my BBW twisted peppermint to be. I really like this scent and it was non drying on the skin.
2. Not Soap,Radio Body Wash I find this body wash to lemony but not repulsive. I enjoyed it and it was a great break from my Bath and Body Works Thousand Wishes, kisses or what have you. I am not repurchasing it because it was not a wow body wash.
3.Harvey Prince Hello Body Butter. Its not body butter, more like regular lotion. It does have a very strong orange smell. Its actually quite masculine.
4. Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for lips . I really did not like it as an everyday lip moisturizer even in the winter to me. However, it is a perfect lip conditioner if you are doing lip swatches. It really strengthens the lip and I did not feel like my poor lips were on fire.
5. Harvey Noir Ageless Bodycream. This body cream is quite loud when it comes to the scent background but it dissipates to a lighter smell. I would not put this on at night if you are sensitive to scent. I will say that it can be hydrating when it came to hands and arms.
6. The Montagne Jeunesse black seaweed peel off is made with laver seawood and seabuckthorn. I received this on a Vox box recently. The one where I had my dad was the self proclaimed chip expert (click here for price and to see my dad)Anyway, I was coming home on a Monday from work and I thought its time enough. The masque is super messy because it comes in a package. It also has a scent that reminds me of something soapy.I would repurchase it but if you want a cheap drugstore masque than you may want to try it.

7. Obliphica Intensive Serum. This was one of the best smelling serums that I had in a long time. I also felt it melted right into my hair and provided a great shine.
8. Rose and Berry hand cream. Hate this hand lotion. In fact, I used it on other parts of my body so I could get rid of it. The smell is quite lame. The rose isn’t sweet, it smells a bit cheap. Reminds me of sauce lotion or that cheap lotion that runs like water. It looks thick but looks can be deceiving. Ughh. I am glad I got over this scent.
9. Karma natural nail polish remover. I love how it gets rid of polish and doesn’t hurt my nails the downside was it really lacked when it came to the Deborah lippman polish. Acetone is the only way to remove that polish.
10.Benefit Porefessional Primer. I really wanted to use this now that the summer is here and my nose is a definitely and oily mess. I have tried it and walked out into this heat wave and my foundation on my nose, forehead and chin are still on. I don’t know if my pores are invisible but I dont feel like my foundation or anything is sitting on my face. I may purchase. I have other primers.

Have you experienced any of these samples, how did you feel about it. Leave a comment below.
Catch ya later,

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6 Responses to Project10pan: Sample Sizes

  1. Great samples. You have loads.

  2. stashmatters says:

    Good job on using up all these samples! 🙂

  3. Your “But not repulsive” comment on the Not Soap Radio cracked me up. I didn’t have the lemony one, but I got a different sample in my birchbox and had the same reaction. smelled fine, worked fine, but nothing outstanding to purchase. And it’s so expensive compared to others out there that do the same thing.

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