Project Tryout: Caudalie Glycolic Peel

Hi Y’all,
I have never been so excited to try out something in my Birchbox until I opened up my June Birchbox in my life. There in that box was Caudalie products.You know I love Caudalie products. I have never tried out the Caudalie glycolic peel or the cleansing milk. Guess what the peel said, for best results rinse with Caudalie grape water and I have the grape water. I bought it a while ago thinking I could just use it as a toner. So, I decided to try out the products and give you my impressions on all of them.
So both the cleansing milk and the peel were snow white in color ,the cleansing milk was watery and felt very soft.I thought it smelled amazing. I feel like my Cera Ve and my purlisse cleanser had more consistency than this milk cleanser. The glycolic peel felt soft in texture but has a way thicker than the cleansing milk. It was not a mask type peel where you apply thick but it is one that you make sure you wash off.The peel also has a pleasant smell. Over time, the peel melted into the skin and it went from opaque white to transparent.
I kept the peel on for 10 minutes, I did not feel like the peel was burning or irritating on my skin. I took off the peel with Caudalie grape water (which smelled awesome). Afterward, my skin felt very smooth silky. It has been a long time that my skin felt this smooth. The next day, my skin felt like it was very smooth. I did not put makeup on my face. I left my home with moisturizer (Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbert) and sunscreen. My coworker, said my skin looked beautiful.
Overall, I felt like it was a spa treatment at home.
Check the photos below.

Catch Ya later,

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