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Hi Y’all,
I always get excited when I have to make a samples empties post. This always me to show you that I am attacking my hoarding ways. My sample drawer is an escape. An escape from the real drawer that is filled with eye shadows and blushes I had for years. Hopefully, this gives us both hope that one day we will tackle Goliath and by the end of year have full size empties posts. I have also learned that if you really want to conquer something,use it for thirty days straight and for some products it was twice a day to get through. I am not saying all products will be conquered in thirty days but it does give you an idea of the product as well as put a dent in the items you have used. You may never use up all your products but thirty days can help you dent your sample product drawer.Moreover, I am tired of waiting to get to ten products, so I am placing on here the ones I have finished. Tell me if you rather me wait for a entire ten products.
1. Guerlain face oil treatment. This was in a previous what I’m using post. I knew it was going to be a three uses and done kind of sample like my one time samples that usually don’t last a week. Anyway, was a good sample ,ummm, I don’t know. It went on nicely and had a nice smell. I wish it came in the tube like Philosophy no reason to hide.
2. Philosophy no reason to hide. It’s a serum that touts it as a multi imperfection transforming serum. Was my skin transformed. Hmm? I dont know but I my skin is very tricky with serums , some areas can handle it , some can not.
3. Fresh black tea age delay . I find this was thick but not so thick that I felt that I was outing on a bath and body works triple Shea moisture body cream. I felt like my under eye was quite hydrate. I started using it while increasing my water intake because my under eye was itching and just irritated.
4. Purlisse Soy cleanser. I really finished this cleanser because it was not going back into the sample drawer. Too many samples for that. Anyway, this is a cleanser you use on the weekend when you have no makeup on and no cares and you are going to do treatments. This is not the cleanser for coming home in set in makeup or even removing eye make up. This is not a foundation remover. This cleanser purpose is to make your skin feel soft not treat problems. If you want to a nice cleansing , moisturizing cleanser there are better ones.
5. Michael Todd true organics Wild Rose Creamy Body wash. This was totally a one time sample from my Beauty Army box ( I don’t know what month but it was not recent) .It claims to smooth, firm and tone, as well as being for all skin types. With an one time sample , I really don’t know what I could say. it does smell like roses but in a way that reminds me of Dove body soap in the bar form. It did not come out as a cream but in an oil form. I would even say that I didn’t find it to be creamy. it was medium cream to low cream in what I find to be creamy.
6.locataine amande shower oil. I have never heard of a shower oil but it was quite an experience. Please do not use this above the neck. If you get this in your eye ,God help you. When I used it with a body puff, I couldn’t be miser with this wash, I had to be generous or it would not foam well. Once you get foam management down the scent was delicious , the way it felt on the skin was nice. Its not drying at all because of the grape seed oil which is on the top list of ingredients. I also like that it did have the classic loccitane smell. To me it very apothecary and I just can’t get with it. This has a bit of an almond smell but its not overpowering. I am usually one for almond, vanilla, oranges I want those smells to be full and if you are like that it can be a bit disappointing.however you will get over that with how it makes you feel and the scent that it does have.
10. Tarte clean slate face primer. I liked it , in fact, I think this is the first primer that really caught my attention. however, I a couple of other primers so before I say uncle in buying this , I want to try those.
7. I felt bad for having more than one use samples in my list but hey what can you do. The point is to use samples no matter how large or small.
Philosophy Renewed hope in a jar. It was a one used item. It was light, didn’t smell bad. I have not more to say because the sample was so small.
Catch ya later,

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4 Responses to Project10Pan:Sample empties

  1. I’ve tried the almond oil and it smells too good! But I think it’s weird to use on a daily basis. I need it to foam up or somethin!

  2. stashmatters says:

    I have a sample of the L’Occitane Amande shower oil. I think it’d be good for removing stubborn sunscreen from your body, kind of like oil cleansing for the face.
    Good job on using these samples up!

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