Project Tryout:Over the Weekend

Hi Yall,
I had done a post of what’s happening but I uploaded it late, click here, it shows a bit of an update of my growing empties box, product graveyard and a new sample eye cream.
So this time I tried on a rose mask in which I really talk about in an upcoming post and a L’Occtitane Precious Cream that I just opened this weekend. I also tried out a Becca foundation in the shade Amber which to me looks good in the bright sunlight but when I step back it is a white shadow. You can see the foundation difference on my hand. I even tried out the Urban Decay new lipstick in Bittersweet.
I also brought out a new candle and I am down to 1 and half bags full of candles. Do you know how far I have come. Like I was shamed and hiding the bags from my boyfriend C. It smells like spa, or a hotel that is centered in the tropics. I usually don’t like flowers but I wish I bought more than trying to out three different candles.
Check out the photos below and while you are checking out the photos, let me know if you tried anything new this weekend.

Catch ya later,

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I am a makeup -a -holic. Follow me through my journeys of project 10 pans and other projects in my life
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