Project 10 Pan: Full Size Empties

Hi Ya’ll,
You would think by reading this blog that I live on travel size beauty products. I am either going through samples, turning out samples, getting samples. I have been working ignoring  the Summerstash bag by Sephora. This time I have gotten through some full size products. Hammertime! I did add some BBW empties to my makeup empties. Check it out.
1.Clinique Toner . This is the clarifying lotion number one which is for dry to very dry skin. I really used and enjoyed this in the winter time. Compared to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, there was not any burn. My eyes didn’t feel steamy, my skin didn’t feel irritated. Now , this is not rose water by any means there is a tingle. I have repurchased this.
2.Embroyolise moisturizer. This is a creamy , delicious and if you have dry skin, its wonderful. Now, I never tried this as a makeup remover. I will say that if you do have some oily areas, this will make your face seem a bit sweaty. Would I wear this in the summer, no. I skin changes a bit and I am usually a ball of sweat, when I come home , I would wash my face.
3.Sephora triple cleansing water. This is the cleanser that have in the store to remove the tester makeup. The smell is ok, the taste when you take your lipstick off was meh. I have another remover so I can not say for certain that I would repurchase. I will say that it does take of my makeup, you can use it in conjunction with a cleanser or micellar water.
4.Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser.  This cleanser lasted about two years. I wished I bought  the tin container that was sold separately. I feel like I ruined my own Tupperware. Would I repurchase, maybe. I think I like the Bar Soap from Beautyblender.
5. BBW Citrus Orchid Chill. It is very hard for me to like a non vanilla item non food smell from the very beginning. This scent really came off as potpourri like all the other ones that glower based. I grew to like it but would not repurchase it.
6.BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar. I wanted to get rid of this because I really didn’t want this to go bad. The Ultra Shea Body Cream have a propensity to breakdown faster than the regular body lotion that comes in the clear package which I don’t understand because this packaging would make it less vulnerable to light since its darker. I love the creaminess of the formula and it feels so good at night as well as the smell, my boyfriend thinks I smell like cake. The true test is you wake up itchy in the middle of the night. I don’t, however, I feel like I’m a bit ashy the next morning.

7. Cotton Ovals Dual Side from Target . I loved these because the embossed side is not as rough as past circle rounds I bought. No scratches here.
8.Up and Up cotton balls. I used these for nail polish removal. There is nothing better than having these to remove nail polish. Toilet paper does not cut it.
9.BBW Cherry Almond Shortbread. I think it had a sweet smell but nothing I would go back out and get. The smell on your hands does not translate well.
10. BBW Wasabi Apple . I love this smell and bought two of the large ones. I really like the apple smell but I am upset its not spicy . Its more warm like Cayenne Caramel.
Catch ya later,

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6 Responses to Project 10 Pan: Full Size Empties

  1. Totally agree with your thoughts on embryolisse. Not for oily areas and better in wintertime for dry skin.

  2. stashmatters says:

    Great job on all these full sized empties!
    Wasabi apple scent sounds interesting… too bad it’s not too wasabi-y. 😛

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