Project Tryout: New skincare

Hi y’all,
I am here in the middle of week to announce that I am opening up my Ole henriksen set. My cera be which I was using in conjunction with my samples dropped in the water that my skin had backed up. The water was so filthy I believe its contaminated beyond words. You can’t clean that, besides it was not capped. The products included by their full name are :
1. African Red Tea foaming cleanser
2. Truth Serum collagen booster( serum daytime)
3. Sheer Transformation (hydrator)
4. Invigorating Night Treatment (serum for night)
5.Pure Truth youth activating oil. (Daytime /nighttime serum booster)
Anytime the clean truth cleansing cloth
The routine you would do and the way the products are placed in the set are different. The hydrator and the resurfacing serum are in the wrong order.
So , the way I used the products are :
African red tea foaming cleanser
Invigorating night treatment and or without the pure truth youth activating booster (the box says you can use it with or with the truth serum)
Sheer transformation
Daytime routine :
The cleanser
The brightener and the activating oil together.
The sheer transformation which is the hydrator
Check out the photos below and there will soon be a review about how I feel about it.

Catch ya later,

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2 Responses to Project Tryout: New skincare

  1. harvestgirlxo says:

    yess!!! try the melting cleanser as well doll, it legit melts waterproof built up makeup in seconds. love this brand of products sooo much

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