Project Tryout: Ipsy Glam Bag

I know so formal. Anyway, I am here with some good news. I went on twitter like most of you to say something crazy, messy or petty because I can in 140 characters . Sometimes, I think I come across clever other times I come across meh. So, as you know Ipsy care has a twitter account, I decided to send them a message. Now in no way shape or form am I saying that I made them do something or I was the sole leader in this. Ok, so, I tweeted them that I would like to see more diversity in which I mean a darker skin person. They could have been Indian or Black, does not matter but a browner girl. I asked this because for the past season it has been quite blanca (for those who don’t know that means white.) I used that because even the girls that were of Latino or Hispanic descent, they are quite fair. I got some clapback, they told me to look towards my fellow Ipsy users for some inspiration. In which I replied, I am asking the person that I send my money to, could they please represent me. If that was a problem , I could take my money elsewhere. Well, I guess others were saying the same thing and they brought in Jalessa Moses.
So I am quite happy that Ipsy is bringing her in and I hope that she is not the last and hopefully, they will have varying shades of beauty. Yeah! I would love to see Destiny Godley as an Ipsy Girl.
On top of the that , I think this is one of the best Ipsy bags that I have received.
Onward to the bag:

    1. Temptu Champagne Shimmer
    2. City Color City Chic lipstick in One Night Stand
    3. NYX Eyeshadow Trio
    4. Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted
    5. Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

I loved this glam bag. However, the only issue I had with this bag is that it reminds me of more spring/summer bag  and not something for fall.

Check out the photos.

Catch ya later,


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  1. The power of twitter girl! Good job!

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