Project Ten Pan: Empties Products 2015

Good Afternoon:
These items are not in my official project ten pan( really none of my past 2014 post have been official) but I have been working on them. I find that each time you use products in your project ten pan you usually use other products to apply or remove. In the future, I will mark the times when I start the product and when I finished them.

  1. BBW Apple Wasabi. You all know I love this candle which took me by surprise and now everytime I see it I purchase it. . I will repurchase.


2. BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar. Another oldie but goodie. This scent is one of the original scents and is very popular. I love it in the gentle foaming formula over the beaded anti bacterial formula. I have six other soaps but I will repurchase in the next semi annual sale.


3. BBW Istanbul Sparking Amber. This reminded me of Sensual Amber body lotion .I like this as a room scent rather than a body lotion. It did not agree with my skin. That makes three scent profiles: apple, pear and amber. I will repurchase.


4. BBW Spiced Pineapple Samba . This whole Carribbean line reminded me of Black girl hair products. I did not like this one because its too soft. In fact, there was no spice in this for me. BBW does not do spicy well to me. I will not repurchase.


5. BBW Tiki Beach is the another Black girl hair care product that I associated this scent with. Tiki Beach does have better throw than Spiced Pineapple Samba.I will not repurchase it.


6. Up and Up skin toner. I liked it. It was extremely nice. I will repurchase but I have a large and I mean large Clinque toner.


7. BBW Twisted Peppermint. Another non spicy bath wash. I really wanted something less cooling and sweet. However, I always keep purchasing the scent. I give up, I am not repurchasing this scent.


8. Revlon Lipgloss in Icy Waters- I am in love with this product because it works with any color I have and it works alone. I love the formula, the smell.
9. BBW Red Velvet Candle. I liked this candle. I love food scents. The candle burned so evenly. Very Nice Candle.
10. Beautifying Oil in Shea. this body shop oil is awesome. Use it on your hair hands body. I primarily used it on my entire body after showering and I would say it was light in how it felt on my skin and its smell. I also added it into a non fragrant lotion and it did the trick when I needed more moisture.
11. Bath and Body Works Wild Citrus Sunflower.This was a new scent for me. I would not say that I could identify the citrus or the sunflower. However, it was a nice smelling body wash. Would I repurchase? Maybe after, I finish my others if I wanted a change from my regular scents.
Catch ya later,

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2 Responses to Project Ten Pan: Empties Products 2015

  1. stashmatters says:

    Great job with the empties! Wow a completely empty lipgloss is so foreign to me – I toss mine out usually before I finish them. I really liked that Up&Up toner too, very gentle but effective.

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