Project Ten Pan: Travel Size Product

Hi Yall,
Sometimes, I have samples that can last up to a week or more. I get them for free either Sephora or gift with purchase. However, what about those items that I purchased that are not full size but they are not sample size either? This post is dedicated to those empties that are caught in the middle, travel sized or bigger, but smaller than full size.
1. Caudalie Beauty Elixer. My underarm and leg aftershave. I love when I spray this after I have used Nair or a razor. It kills the burn , the smell and soothes my legs. Now if you have tough facial skin, use it on your face. I regret the day, but if works for you , go ahead. This was apart of the Caudalie Favorites ($32.00 for the entire package)

2. Body Shop Body Butter in Wild Argan oil (7.00) This is such as nice smell. I wear it at night after a shower.

3. Body Shop In Brazil Nut (7.00). This has been discontinued. Why? This is my favorite scent. I don’t know what will replace it.

4. Kiehls Creme De Corps.($11.00) This is body lotion is pretty thick and very creamy.It does not have a smell and is wonderfully able to wipe away ash with a small amount.

5. Caudalie Divine Oil. Oh MY GAWD! I did not know what to do with this oil. I was lost. However, its like a dry oil or think of it like Josie Maran Argan Oil. I feel like you can put this on you hair, face and body. I also mixed this in my lotion if I feel extra dry. It has a beautiful scent and I want to buy both the travel size as well as the full size.

6. Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash. The Body Shop website says that it is clinically proven to clear skin. OMG and it does. I usually do not break out but when I do this cleanser brings down alot of the swelling and redness. It also opens up the pores and is very refreshing. I don’t know if sensitive skin because on the bottle it does say its an intense cleaning but definitely recommend this cleanser even if its for spot treatment.
7. MAC Demi Wipes . These are awesome makeup remover wipes. They are soft and they have the signature MAC smell.


8. Ole Henriksen Anytime the clean truth cleansing cloth. I loved these cleansing cloths because they stayed wet and they felt so thick. OMG , everytime I used them which was in the morning when I was running behind , I felt like they cleansed my face fully.The oils and residue from last night skin products are whisked away. I loved it.

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  1. You’re good about using lotions. I barely finish them unless it’s wintertime!

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