Project Tryout: What Happened Over the Weekend

Hi y’all,
NYC is a second home to me. I have family who live here and I go for  various reasons. This reason is BEAUTYCON. I was asked by simplydeketa( she is a youtuber, check out her channel) to go and see what it is about. I’m glad I did, its making my birthday month interesting. I’m really not interested on meeting the YT stars , that’s why I bought a general admissions ticket. I’m really up here for the vendors. Oh, it was not that. Samples from vendors ,yes, but this is not like an mini Imats (which I wanted). In fact, this was more of panels from youtubers and more of meeting those people that inspire you. I think a better name would be tubecon.
Would I go next year, umm yeah on a general admission ticket. Its something to do. Its nice to see some of the new things that some of the brands are showing off. It was great for those who  would like to get some awesome advice directly from the youtube community. When I arrived some of the girls were asking the same age old questions like how do you deal with the haters? There is a video on that, google it.  I see that you are confident are you more confident when are dancing? I am kind of mad I didn’t ask , how did you successfully build your brand and when did you decide that this was taking off enough to really start a media kit? When did you feel it was time to invest in quality lighting and cameras?
Anyway, check out the photos of the things I bought and samples.

Catch ya later,


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7 Responses to Project Tryout: What Happened Over the Weekend

  1. stashmatters says:

    I’ve never been to any beauty shows but I think I’d lose my mind over all the makeup booths. But I’d have to know in advance what brands are there so I can do some research – I don’t like impulse shopping or not researching an item beforehand.
    Yeah I’m not that into YT “stars” – it’s so silly to idolize these people.
    Looks like you got some great stuff! 🙂

    • 1reddiva83 says:

      Umm imats is more of the beauty show you are thinking about. This wasn’t even close. Usually when I go to imats I research weeks before. I’m lying months. Yeah it was quite silly .I would go if I had nothing left to do on a Saturday and I was invited by a friend

  2. Dang I thought it would be a mini imats! That sucks for people who just want products.

  3. I bought those OCC lip tars too! I have never tried them before. I stocked up on the LA girl concealers I got their blush palette too. Ricky’s was my favorite table at Beautycon. Did you see the Crown Brush table? I didn’t get anything from there but their brushes looked nice and seemed to be affordable.

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